Top young jockey Chad Schofield told stewards he felt he was being “victimised” after he was suspended for one month.


Racing Victoria stewards suspended Schofield on two separate charges following his ride on You’re So Goodin Saturday's Australian Defence Force Handicap at Caulfield.


Chief steward Terry Bailey said the incident between the 900 and 700 metres caused them “great concern” as they believed Schofield failed to show his colleagues any “respect.”


Schofield was suspended for one calendar month for that charge of careless riding and he received a 14-meeting suspension for careless riding near the winning post. Both penalties are to be served concurrently.


Bailey said Schofield’s lack of respect extended to the evidence he tendered during the stewards' inquiry.


Schofield, who reserved his plea on both charges, said he could not see where there was any interference and added that Daniel Moor had “used" him in the incident between the 900m and 700m.


He said he would appeal against the penalty, which threatens to cost him the ride on Bring Me the Maid in the Silver Shadow Stakes next Saturday and Go Indy Go in the McNeil Stakes at Caulfield on August 30.


Bailey said stewards viewed the interference as being in the high range, which sparked an animated exchange between chief steward and jockey.


“Based on your evidence, I find it puzzling that you would enter such evidence that Daniel Moor used you,” Bailey said.


Schofield interjected: “I’m struggling to see where the interference is, there’s no real interference.”


Bailey said stewards were “tired” of Schofield’s poor riding record and added, “Everyone else is tired of it.”


After hearing that he had been suspended for one month, Schofield responded: "Sir, I can’t help but feel I’m being victimised."


Bailey fired back: “That’s the very reason, you just can’t see it. You can’t keep doing it.


“Until you work it out, you will keep getting time.”


Schofield said he felt it was unfair for stewards to claim he didn’t show his peers any respect. “I do respect them,” he said. (Racing Network)