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The Bandit

The Bandit

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Dear Customer,

To tell this story properly I have to go back over 25 years. A much younger Jon Hudson, who has gone on to become one of our top racing analysts and writers, began research on a surprising betting approach.

We first published his findings in our 1990 May issue of our Practical Punting Magazine.

It caused quite a stir.

Then, out of the blue, just over three months ago Jon Hudson approached our office with an outlandish boast … that he had refined his winning approach and transformed it into a new winning betting method, which had a win strike of over 50%, whilst generating a level stakes profit of over 35% over the previous nine months.

He said his winning secrets were ready for immediate release.

Of course, there was one condition … he demanded that we publish and release the winning secrets to our private Practical Punting members only … and not to release it to the general punting public.

But before we peel the onion on this million dollar mystery, we had some conditions of our own.

You see, we’d never consider sharing this story with you until we could confirm two crucial details:

  • Can this gentleman back it up

  • And if he can back it up, how?

We set him two tasks:

1. We insisted that we apply his betting approach to all Metropolitan racing throughout Australia, looking at over 5,800 individual horses, to test his claim, researching it over the previous nine months back to January 2016.

2. Then he had to replicate those same results, in real time, for a further three month live test period, in front of a small group of our punters.

Jon, accepted the challenge, boldly guaranteed it to us and duly delivered:

The results back to January 2016 confirmed Jon’s own research. The Bandit returned a staggering 59% win strike, whilst producing a superb 37% profi at level stakes.

Then he, not only replicated, but smashed them, during the three month live test, from September to December, in front of a small group of our own punters:  The Bandit returned a staggering 68.75% win strike, whilst producing a brilliant 53.28% proftit at level stakes.

Now with our due diligence complete, we are keen to release this winning approach, and whilst we had planned on releasing it in February 2017, its performance dictates its immediate release.

What does this have to do with you? After all, the basic idea behind The Bandit’s rules were gobbled up a long, long time ago, right?

The basic idea behind The Bandit was, true... yet you are about to find out about how Jon Hudson recently made great profits from The Bandit – by refining the rules to the surprisingly simple idea behind the Bandit.

I’ll even tell you how you can join him at just about the lowest rate we’ve ever offered. But first, let me tell you the most troubling problem about The Bandit.

We must declare the big problem behind this successful punting approach, The Bandit.

The Bandit selection approach requires patience and restraint, as it is extremely selective, but the nasty catch, it once required its punters to pour over the form guides each day, for those that were prepared to wait for the gems to be unearthed.

It was a mammoth task to keep an eye out for the right horses in the right races to appear, to apply the rules, to put it into practice on ones own, to jump on those opportunities, when they appeared.

I’m sorry, but that’s just not feasible if you’re anything like me.

Now here’s the good news . . .

Well, now there’s a way you can reap the benefits, get advance notice of The Bandit’s best horses by barely lifting a finger.

It’s called The Bandit form analyser. This unique punting tool has been set up to instantly provide you with any horses that meet the strict rules of The Bandit horse racing method. All you do is check to see if the Form Analyser has identified any opportunities for the days racing at the metropolitan tracks.

Jon Hudson and Practical Punting are now helping individual punters just like you save time and back a smorgasbord of winners, which have a proven history of an incredible 59.02% win strike rate.

Now you can join them and secure your punting future for one of our lowest subscription rates ever.

Starting today, a subscription to The Bandit member’s service is less than $3.50 a week.

That’s small potatoes considering the amount of time you will save and the possible money you could make from backing the Bandit’s recommendations.

Have a look at just a few of The Bandit’s winning results over the last three months, along with its full results since January 2016 to December 2016.

Imagine backing winners like these.

And the best part is you can rest at night knowing The Bandit team is doing the hard form analysis work for you.

This isn’t get-rich-quick hyperbole. It actually happened …

In May 1990 Practical Punting Monthly published for the first time initial idea behind The Bandit method. (If you would like to read the orignal article to get an insight into the original thouhgts that kicked this betting method off, and which exited its orginal punters, then click here to view a copy of the article published back in May 1990).

To explain it simply, the Bandit's base rule identifies the horses and races it wants to focus upon, we then apply strict fundamental handicapping principles to establish the Bandit Selections.

The final rules, which we cannot release here, take into account recent form and fitness of each possible contender, aimed at producing the best horse in each selected race. Those races where the field is small and where our Bandit selection, it estimates, to have the best chance of winning.

Form plays a major role in The Bandit. Jon Hudson espouses the following advice:

  • Good recent form plus the best overall form equals the race favourite.
  • Good recent form usually indicates full fitness.
  • No recent form means a probable loser, subject to scrutiny to discover the reasons for the poor form.

Winners, then, cannot be found on one factor alone. But we can cut to the chase…

Today, the information available to punters is more detailed and varied than ever before. The major racing websites are packed with statistical data.

Surely, then, punters are better equipped to identify potential winners than ever before? In actual fact, their present success rate shows exactly the opposite to be true. Twenty years ago, with just basic (and mainly relevant) information, research done by one of our writers in our magazine reported that punters correctly identified the winners of 37% of all races (based on the first two years of the 90s). Over the last two years, the strike rate of all favourites has been steady at 34%.

This development strongly indicates that much of today's sophisticated new data has little or no significance to the outcome of specific races. Furthermore, the extent to which it is taken on board by punters is hindering them rather than helping them.

Using The Bandit’s rules we focus on small fields, focusing on the good recent form, upon fit horses, that are in the market and have, what the Bandit believes, to be the best chance of winning.

And when the Bandit has a mammoth 59.023% win strike over 2016, I feel that it has achieved its goal.

The reason is simple enough, The Bandit aims at selecting the most formful runners in a race, the ones that have proven they can measure up.

It is a most powerful formula. Even a novice punter can read these rules and understand the fundamental brilliance of this formula.

But as we said earlier and we must warn you of this again -  it does take a bit of working out … more than just a bit of patience.

For The Bandit to give you its all, it needed to be applied by those that have both the time and the analytical skill.

Well, now we have solved this problem. Now you can utilise The Bandit’s brilliance without barely lifting a finger … thanks to the Bandit Form Anlayser.


Please hurry. It’s going to be hard to offer so much… for so little… for very long.

Most important, I urge you to click the “Join Now” button because there will never be a better or easier time to position yourself for the opportunities ahead.

All for less than $3.40 a week – one of our lowest subscription rates, for such a great service, ever. 
Act now!

Yours Faithfully,
Hugh Stanley,
Managing Director,
Equestrian Publishing Pty Ltd

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