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Dark Horse 2020

Dark Horse 2020

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Past 12 Months Results

Brilliant results over the last 12 months, from the unique DARK HORSE 2020 racing method, totally support our view that this is one of the biggest upheavals in form analysis in decades

Dear Fellow Punter,

Statsman was the man who created the acknowledged greatest racing method of the 20th Century – the original Dark Horse. It was universally acclaimed, and independently audited throughout the eighties and nineties, and confirmed the best ever. 

Now, we believe, it has been bettered with… 


It has been more than 10 years since Statsman has produced a major work. That’s because he has been striving to surpass his original masterpiece. 

We can now reveal that he has succeeded in producing a new and remarkably inspired concept in horse race wagering. This is such a breakthrough, that it now carries the name DARK HORSE 2020.


Form Approach Never Used by Others Before

We believe that Statsman created a totally new way of handicapping, that we have not seen used anywhere else before, other than in front of Practical Punting during its live testing.

That is why we believe DARK HORSE 2020 represents one of the biggest upheavals in form analysis in decades.

We defy any of our members to reveal anywhere else in Australia, outside of Practical Punting, where this new form of handicapping has been utilised.

DARK HORSE 2020 is simplicity itself. It employs a new approach to form analysis as its key component, one that – to our knowledge – has never been applied by any other provider to race form before. 

Yet it immediately indicated the consistency of a horse and ensures that you are focusing on those horses, considered to have the best chances of winning.  

Coupled with further refining rules, the net result is a completely unique winner-finding process that presents its members with amazing results.

Dark Horse 2020 searches for value outsiders and brushes aside the favourite in the race




The primary goal of Satsman is Value Handicapping.

Dark Horse 2020 will not select the prepost favourite in the race.

the real objective for Statsman is to acquire and refine the skill of identifying value overlays: horses whose true probability for winning exceeds the amount of betting action they receive. 

Only when one a horse is both identified by the Dark Horse 2020 form handicapping approach AND is also identified as an OVERLAY – does it become a final selection for the Dark Horse 2020 racing package.


Satsman, Australia's most authoritative Racing Analyst, claims he can show you how to find Dark Horse winners month after month. . .  

In fact, he guarantees he can.
You should hear him out.

Is there a formula to ‘crack’ horse racing and open it up for small punters?

We say ‘absolutely yes’ and we have the formula that will give rank-and-file punters the golden opportunity to help them win at racing.

We call the secret formula DARK HORSE 2020 and it’s already a proven performer.

We’ve just made a very big claim. . .

Why should you believe a word of it! 

Well, this handicapping approach comes from one of the most respected and trusted racing analysts in Australian history, a man that many punters are very familiar with… 

Statsman was the man who created the acknowledged greatest racing method of the 20th Century.

He has spent the last 10 years in virtual retirement, until he re-emerged with DARK HORSE, which we believe, can match his master betting method. 

You can deploy Statsman's secret handicapping weapon.

We believe Statsman's new betting method could be the missing link in the search for identifying Dark Horse winners consistently and to help you make a profit from racing..

  • Step back with us to early 2017.
  • Our office headquaters was abuzz.
  • Why all the commotion?

A legendary past member of our team, Statsman, had just thrown his hat back in the ring ... announcing he wanted to come out of retirement ... and made an outlandish boast ... that he had a radical new winning selection approach that would rival his greatest racing method of the 20th century.

He said his winning secrets were ready for release.

Of course, we had our own conditions, you see. We would never consider sharing this story with you until we could confirm two crucial details:

  • Can this gentleman back it up?
  • And if he can back it up, how?


We set him his task. To commence a live test - on a public forum, in front of our very own clients.

Statsman accepted the challenge, boldly guaranteed it to us and duly returned a solid profit over three years of live performance - in front of dozens of our members.

But Stasman was not ready to release his rules to the public – he thought he could improve it further…and this is where he added a sting in its tail.

DARK HORSE 2020 Value Handicapping

Statsman then turned his attention to his final objective - to acquire and refine the skill of identifying overlays: horses whose true probability for winning exceeds the amount of betting action they receive.

Statsman is not only searching for winning bets, he wants to only back horses he considers overlays, those that are value bets, to achieve the best prices about the selections.

The maths of successful betting basically demand that you secure as much value as possible on your selections. The professionals will tell you not to worry about how many winners you get, provided they return you MORE than you outlaid.

This is what successful betting is all about. Not 40 per cent strike rates (though such a strike rate would help), but getting back more money than you bet, even if your actual strike rate of winning bets is only 10 per cent.

Finding the "overlays" then is what it is all about. That means getting it right enough times to keep yourself ahead of the game.

Knowing what the mathematics are all about is essential. Many people have no understanding of odds. They take the view that so long as the horse wins, whether 6/4, 7/4 or 2/1, it doesn't matter. But there is a big difference.

Price will always be of the utmost importance. The difference between a return at 7/4 and one at 6/4 is 16.7 per cent. Over a lengthy period, this will mean a LOT when you start to balance up your profit and loss account.

Double Barrelled Attack

  1. First Statsman uses unique handicapping and selection approach to identify the right outsiders in the market – the Dark Horses.
  2. Then Statsman wants to do his best to make sure they are value bets, that they are overlays. Statsman has then made a powerful break though, by converting his own ratings into what he has determined as the true price for each horse.

DARK HORSE 2020 FINAL SELECTIONS – and only when a horse is both identified by the Dark Horse 2020 form handicapping approach AND is also identified as an OVERLAY – does it become a final selection for the Dark Horse 2020 racing package.


Now a word about Statsman

Statsman is the pen name of one of the most authoritative racing analysts in Australia.

Such is his high standing that Punter’s Choice’ said of him..

 “There is no more experienced nor competent selector in the business’

Statsman's selection ability is legendary

Witnessed by tens of thousands of Punters for more than 30 years!

It's been over 30 years since Statsman released the best racing system of the last Century - the original Dark Horse.

It was first published in the mid eighties, and was re-issued by public demand on two subsequent occasions. It kept winning for members, as attested by several independent audits. 

It could justifiably claim to be the best, most durable racing method developed.

Punter's Choice magazine monitored the original Dark Horse selections for over a decade. No other racing system, method or service came anywhere near the Dark Horse's success when being monitored by Punters Choice.


What You Get . . .

Let’s go over what you will get:

Fully Researched Rules and Results

When you join DARK HORSE 2020 you’ll receive the fully research rules and results. Yours to keep and use forever. 


Exclusive 12 month access to the DARK HORSE 2020 online selection member’s area.

Yes a dedicated private online tipping area for DARK HORSE 2020 members, where Statsman's secret selection formula will be applied to Saturday Metro meetings in Sdyeny, Mebourne and Perth - Statsman then applies his own ratings to prices breakthrough to identify the Dark Horse 2020 Value Overlay selections – and then posts them in the DARK HORSE 2020 MEMEBRS AREA

With Statsman doing all the hard work of selecting for you. 

In addition, you can have the Dark Horse 2020 selections emailed to you.


DARK HORSE 2020  will not be generally advertised – and will be subject to strict membership quotas to protect dividends. As a valued Practical Punting member you are invited to join now – before quota limits are reached.

Please hurry. It’s going to be hard to offer so much… for so little… for very long.

Most important, I urge you to click the “Join Now” button because there will never be a better or easier time to position yourself for the opportunities ahead.

All for just over $3.00 a week – one of our lowest subscription rates, for such a great service, ever.


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