How To Read A Form Guide

Lear how to read a form guide. A Horse Racing Form Guide provides a wealth of information.  Check out these Form Guide strategies... we have hundreds of articles to help you improve your form analysis  - all aimed at helping you win at horse racing and to become a better punter. 

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The Meaning of Form - Finding those Winning selections

We hear enough about the "meaning of life' these days, don't we? But I'm prepared to bet that dedicated punters are more interested in the meaning of form! How do you understand good form? How do you ...

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  • Form Analysis ... A Short Guide for the Beginner

    It doesn't matter if you are an intellectual or a fifth-form dropout, a form guide can bring you together on equal footing. Because form is the great leveller in racing.

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  • Form Fest .. Find Those lovely longshot winners

    How would you like to settle down on a Friday night, with two form guides in front of you, and work out the form in a sensible fashion? It can be done. Many successful punters do it.Too many punters ...

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