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Platinum Position

Platinum Position

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Think Outside the square

To get an edge, the punter needs to have a very clever selection plan, and a plan that will be unknown to the rest of the world.

A lot has been written about ‘ratings’ in horse racing. The word is much bandied about.

Ratings approaches come in many forms and disguises. Some take into account a wide range of variable – often too many! Others are simpler, using only key factors in small numbers.

In today’s busy world, the average punter can’t spend too much time working out involved ratings theories.

We had this in mind when compiling this special rating plan. It goes straight to the heart of the form of any well-fancied runner – and makes it easy to define the best selection.

A main aspect behind the thinking of this approach is this:

IT IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT to the usual way that handicappers approach racing and ratings.

And that is a vitally important aspect – to win these days, with all the form that’s around in various guises (internet, form guides, TV, radio etc) all the traditional bases are covered, over and over again.

So to get an edge, the punter needs to have a very clever selection plan, and a plan that will be unknown to the rest of the punting world

It’s the exclusivity of this approach that makes it potentially formidable.

It can, if used sensibly, provide you with gilt-edged bets – horses that are fancied and which have KEY FACTORS in their favour.

Their ratings figures will enable you to assess them in order of merit.

Getting the selections right is exactly what the game is about. Betting the selections in a correct was is the next required step.

Believe me, it is amazing how punters can get both issues WRONG.

Of course, work is required. You can plough into a meeting, where ever and when ever you want. It is yours to use forever.


But to make the task easier for you – we shall apply the formula for you, giving you the specials for each Saturday.

To sum up, then:

Platinum Position is a handicapping approach that sets out to identify those horses that will be there at the finish. It finds as final qualifiers only those horses we fancy in the betting.

Each set of selections for each meeting assessed will provide a sound collection of bright prospects.

What You Get . . .

Let’s go over what you will get:

Exclusive access to the Platinum Position online tipping member’s area.

Yes, a dedicated private online tipping area for Platinum Position members, where the Platinum Position formula will be applied to every race at every major metropolitan Saturday meeting – we will then work out the final Platinum Position selections – doing the work for you to uncover those horses.

Please hurry. It’s going to be hard to offer so much ... for so little ... for very long.

Most important, I urge you to click the “Join Now” button because there will never be a better or easier time to position yourself for the opportunities ahead.

All for less than just $3.00 week - one of our lowest subscription rates, for such a great service and handicapping approach.
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