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Leading Edge

Leading Edge

UK BREAKTHROUGH Now Ready For Instant Release

We are launching a major assault on UK horse racing and we would like to invite you to be a part of it.

Is there a formula to ‘crack’ UK racing and open it up for small punters to win big?

We say ‘absolutely yes’ and we have the formula that will give rank-and-file punters the golden opportunity to at last make solid profits from betting on UK horse racing.

We call the secret formula ‘Leading Edge’ and the main unique form factor behind it is already a proven smash-hit in Australia. For finding winners it really cannot be beaten.

But in the UK – it is little known!

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UK Races

This product is for UK races only.

Pace Breakthrough . . . Now Ready For Instant Release

We have conducted lengthy studies on UK racing and discovered that, YES, the formula is just as potent, just as dynamically effective as it has been Down Under.


Here in Australia pace is as fundamental a 'handicapping' tool as you can get. In racing jurisdictions like Australia, even beginner punters understand the concepts of pace and its likely effect on race outcomes.

Strange, then, that for so long pace has been completely overlooked by UK punters. There are two main reasons for this...

First, there's the almost a complete lack of pace data or information readily available in UK racing. Obviously, this creates a barrier to entry, because any savvy punter wanting to establish the likely pace of a race has to do all the crunching themselves. That is not a quick or simply task.

And second, related to point one, is the almost blanket lack of understanding around how pace affects the outcome of horse races.


We have pushed the data and information boundaries, creating new pace racing data – which will now challenge the half-asleep UK racing establishment.

We have analysed the early race comments of each UK runner – a mammoth task – and from that created a unique service that places the likely ‘pace in the race’ and the running style of each horse at the centre of our horseracing form analysis.

This exclusive information to hand is like taking a gun to a knife fight.

Pace Wins the Race

Using our unique formula we are able to better understand how a race is likely to be run, and which horses are likely to take an early lead.

UK Punters, apart from the very astute few, do not have ready access to this information.

"How many times have you blown your money in the first few seconds of a race?"

The reality is today, more than ever before, horse-racing is about the three P's: position, pace and performance.

Position: The in-running position a horse settles and races in during a race.

Pace: What type of race pace suits a particular horse, and will the likely pace in the forthcoming race be an advantage or disadvantage to that horse?

Performance: How a horse performs in its races. Is it a bad beginner, is it capable of obtaining the desired position or does it have a history of suffering interference?

Our aim at building our own UK Pace analysis I so we can use actual race performance to our benefit.  Whilst UK punters ignore it.

The doyen of race-horse trainers, Bart Cummings, has trained some of the best horses to have raced in Australia , in particular some of the best fillies and mares, including Light Fingers, Maybe Mahal, Leilani, Dane Ripper and Let's Elope. He has a wry wit, but when he speaks his words demand respect.

This is what he stated about "... Wall to wall racing now means that horses who can lead have a great advantage."

When a horse misses the start of a race and is slowly away, just how much ground does it really lose and how  much damage does it do to its winning chances?

Often the racecaller will state a horse has lost two or three lengths, or, on the rare occasion, maybe is much as six lengths. Very rarely does such a horse go on to win.

When a racecaller states a horse has missed the start by two, three or more lengths, the reality is that such a start will mean any winning chances are gone on most occasions. It isn't the amount of ground lost that is of importance, but in all probability the loss of a favourable position in the run, particularly if the horse is a front- runner. 

We will be looking for horses that have the ability to either lead or be close to the pace on  settling or, certainly, 400m from the winning post.  Horses that are unable to do this have a greatly reduced  chance and opportunity to win.

In the UK, just as it is in Australia, the position in the run is of vital importance … but in the UK this information is not readily at hand.

We have solved that – and taken on the task of analysing each runners previous in running comments and established, what we believe to be, its likely pace in the race.

Long-term, the percentages favour the on-pace horses. They are going to win a high percentage of races.

So with this information, how can we adapt the on-pacers factor to produce winning outcomes for punters?

The answer is that we keep it simple.

To know how to put our money on a horse with a tip-top chance we merely concentrate on each horse’s latest start.

This is the start that usually provides the best guide to future winners.

We cannot release the precise rules here, as they are for members only, but we certainly will give you the full logic behind this handicapping approach.

We want our horse to be fit and to have had recent racing.

Secondly, we require a horse to have good form.

And that is the Leading Edge approach. Very easily understood and highly effective.

The approach provides a select handful of excellent betting propositions

You will find that these bettable runners are terrific propositions. The strike rate for the place (1st, 2nd,. 3rd) is very high. The win strike is excellent.

For the purposes of the Leading Edge approach, though, we are concentrating on our fancied qualifiers.



You’ve been carefully selected from Practical Punting’s wider community … as I believe members like you will have an interest in this unique opportunity.

Proven In Practice

So How Does The Approach Work In Practice?

Let's look at its results this year, to give you an example.


Fully Researched Rules and Results

When you join Leading Edge you’ll receive the fully research rules and results. Yours to keep and use forever.


Leading Horse Form Analyser ... 

When you become a member you also get access to the Leading edge online interactive selection facility, called the Leading Edge Form Analyser, where the Leading Edge formula has been programmed, allowing you to apply the rules and generate the selections for Uk race meetings.


Leading Edge will not be generally advertised – and will be subject to strict membership quotas to protect dividends. As a valued Practical Punting member you are invited to join now – before quota limits are reached.

Please hurry. It’s going to be hard to offer so much… for so little… for very long.

Most important, I urge you to click the “Join Now” button because there will never be a better or easier time to position yourself for the opportunities ahead.

All for just £1.91 a week. 
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Yours Faithfully,
H Stanley,

Managing Director,
Equestrian Publishing Pty Ltd

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