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Saturday Punter

Saturday Punter

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Big News For Saturday Punters

A Brilliant Tipping Concept
For Just $3 A Week

This is your invitation to a brilliant Saturday selection service, called:

Saturday Punter

Saturday Punter has been designed to enhance your punting activity, add a new dimension and increase your profit from Saturday racing.

It is only open to subscription customers and is accessed by password.

Saturday Punter – A Proven Performer

We have asked our team of leading racing analysts to provide an exclusive Saturday only tipping service to a select number of subscribers, based on their polished performance during testing.
They agreed – provided it is made available at an affordable price.
So it will cost you just $3 a week.
Their sole objective is to make turf speculation profitable for their members, by harnessing their uncanny skills along with unconditional access to Practical Punting’s vast wealth of resources and unbounded expertise – all at their fingertips.

A Simple and Selective Saturday Tipping

Let’s have a look at what members will enjoy each Saturday:


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide

Here our experts provide a special insight of the ULTIMATE BETS, STANDOUT BETS and OUTSIDER BETS for each of the major meetings in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide, pinpointing the major selections for each race covered.


Here our experts provide a special summary of the their ULTIMATE BETS for each of the major meetings in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide, pinpointing the major selections for each race covered.


These are our experts STANDOUT BETS for the day, with their approach being very selective. Martin Dowling, our lead analyst, says:

“The horse has to standout on many factors, and it’s experience to know when you can have a go. It’s a matter of sticking to very good horses, go for the best class you can at the time.” 
“We search for these special standouts – that’s when we recommend the STANDOUT BET.”


Here our experts focus on 'value'  - to explain in the simplest of terms, the focus is on finding a horse at a price in a race that does not make sense to our form analysts and their odds line.

Let the experts do it all for you: screening, tracking, research, form analysis and handicapping – providing you with the very best information – information that can produce big profits for the small punter.


It is simple, it is selective, and it’s all about performance.

“It must be an affordable service”

It was made clear to us that as a condition of starting SATURDAY PUNTER:

“This service should be just as accessible to the $5 punter as it is to the $50 investor. The costs must be kept down.”

We agreed! This is a straightforward Saturday tipping web service, created by proven professionals with outstanding track records – and it does not cost the earth.

You could pay thousands of dollars for results like this, but instead it will cost you just $3 a week.

Just $3 a week

Magnificent value for one of the most professional and polished Saturday tipping services you can imagine.

The downside is that the livelihood of these four gentlemen cannot be affected by reduced dividends, so we have agreed to strict state by state quotas on quantities.

At this price, that means you’ll have to act quickly!

We look forward to welcoming you into Saturday Punter today.

I urge you to simply click on the ‘join now’ button for instant access.

Yours Faithfully,
David Stanley,
CEO, Practical Punting

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