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Dear VIP Customer,

We believe that we have created a totally new way of handicapping, that we have not seen used before. That is why we believe Trigger Point represents one of the biggest upheavals in form analysis in decades. We defy any of our members to reveal anywhere in Australia where this new form of handicapping is being utilised.

Form Approach Never Used Before

Trigger Point is simplicity itself. It employs a new approach to form analysis as its key component, one that – to our knowledge – has never been applied to race form before. Yet it immediately indicated the consistency of a horse and ensures that you are focusing on those horses, considered to have the best chances of winning. Coupled with further refining rules, the net result is a completely unique winner-finding process that presents its members with amazing results.

146% Profit

Witnessed by dozens of Punters

While we can’t predict the future and not every single one of Trigger Points selections are winners, recent history, when we commenced live testing to gauge it’s performance, supported of view that we had hot upon something special.

Fully Researched Rules and Results

When you join Trigger Point you’ll receive the fully research rules and results. Yours to keep and use forever.


Trigger Point Horse Form Analyser ... Valued at $150 ... YOURS FREE

When you become a member you also get FREE access to the Trigger Points online interactive selection facility, called the Trigger Point Form Analyser, where the Trigger Point formula has been programmed, allowing you to apply the rules and generate the selections


Trigger Point will not be generally advertised – and will be subject to strict membership quotas to protect dividends. As a valued Practical Punting member you are invited to join now – before quota limits are reached.


Please hurry. It’s going to be hard to offer so much… for so little… for very long.

Most important, I urge you to click the “Join Now” button because there will never be a better or easier time to position yourself for the opportunities ahead.

All for less than $3.40 a week – one of our lowest subscription rates, for such a great service, ever.


Yours Faithfully,

H Stanley,

Managing Director,
Equestrian Publishing Pty Ltd

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