How to win at the Trots

Check out these killer Trotting strategies... we have dozens of articles to help you win at Harness Racing  - all aimed at helping you become a better punter on the trotts.

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  • 10 Vital Form Ticks! Get the factors right for the trots

    Understanding harness racing form can be a tricky task - all those mile rates and class changes.My point is, don't concern yourself too much with the intricacies but concentrate on some plain but ...

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  • Trots Ticks - How to find the formguide clues

    I have often wondered why so many punters fail to study harness racing form. I should have realised that it's all due to a lack of education. Not on the punters' side but on the harness racing ...

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  • Pace into Paradise - How to land the value winners when you bet on harness racing

    In this article, we present a bold new approach to harness racing betting, based on half-mile speed ratings, written by Melbourne expert Mark Solonsch, who has studied gambling behaviour at ...

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