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How to Win Big Money backing Win & Place
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117% Win Profit

23.50 Place Profit

70.29% Each-Way Profit


Dear Fellow Punter,

Most punters neglect a golden opportunity and overlook each-way betting, believing that in the long run they will do better focusing upon betting for the win.

The belief is that the main argument against place betting is that it is poor value.

Whilst you have three chances of collecting on the place bet instead of only one (ie if you bet for the win), you get only one quarter of the odds  … and in races with fewer than eight runners, you only collect if your horses comes first or second,  with the odds offered by bookies only one third of the win price. 

Yet many pro punters make a betting lifestyle out of backing selected favourites each-way at 2/1 and sometimes shorter (down to evens). 

This is best done in special races. In his excellent book Commonsense Punting, Roger Dedman wrote of this:

"The type of situation where this applies is one in which you think the favourite can win, but there is one logical danger - or at most two other horses which can be given a real chance of winning”.

The results in the week prior to public release generated a superb profit, from Sunday 10 June to Sunday 17 June, 2018, the Value Horse strategy made a sensational 117% win profit, with a very solid 23.50% place profit, for a combined 70.29% profit each-way.

Solving the riddle of win and place bets 

Each to his own. Know the old saying? In a way, it sums up betting. Some punters like to bet for a win, others for a place, still others love the quinellas or trifectas, or doubles. It's all a matter of taste.

The bet that everyone has, at some time or other, is an each-way bet. It's the conservative bet, isn't it? You pick out a horse, you reckon it can win, but instead of backing it for $10 to win, you have $5 each-way. Better to be safe than sorry.
It's a natural feeling. Although you strongly fancy your selection you still realise that it can be beaten, and that if it is beaten and it runs a place you want to get some of your money back.

Usually, it doesn't matter the price of a selection, the punter will back it eachway. It also doesn't matter how big the fields are. The punter, in his enthusiasm to have a bet, ignores his actual percentage chances of securing the proper slice of the cake.

There is a case to be made for NOT betting each-way, as much as there is a case TO bet eachway. 

It depends on many, varying circumstances surrounding each bet. 

The general line of thinking is that a short-priced favourite is a good bet if you can back it each-way. And, statistically speaking, the odds are on your side, because - as we all should know - the longer the price the less value there is in the return (relative to starting price, that is). 

The late and great Don Scott, the successful professional punter, put the whole issue of each-way betting most succinctly in his fine book Winning More. He wrote:

"In general, we may say that the punter has an advantage over the each-way bookmaker in fields of 8 to 12 runners if he backs eachway horses quoted at 7/1 or shorter for a win.

"The shorter the win price, the greater advantage for a place. Finally, after even money is reached, the bookmaker usually calls a halt and refuses to bet each-way with an odds-on favourite in the race."

Scott points out that the higher the price above 7/1 the better it is for the each-way bookmaker. Ironically, of course, it is those horses at 8 / 1 or longer which are the ones that attract most punters! 

As Scott puts it: 

"(They) fall over themselves to take the bad eachway value. By laying these horses eachway for a lot, and the short-priced horses each-way for only a little, and by keeping his prices under the average straightout prices, the each-way bookmaker manages to balance his ledger and finish in front." 

Scott's belief is that only the 'stupidity' of the average punter allows the eachway bookie to survive. If punters were to keep backing the even money, 6/4 and 2/1 chances with him each-way, they would soon take his money and drive him out of business.

So Scott's words have a ringing message for punters. Think about them carefully...

Back the short-priced horses each-way and you can beat the game. Beat the bookies! 


As Scott indicates, 

If you could always obtain the best odds each-way about horses that start between evens (1/1) and 7/2, you would never need to study class, form and weights. 

It would be a sure-fire system, a certain winner!


Why is this so?

Here the mathematics of probabilities and statistics gets a little complicated, and you, like me will probably want to skip that – and get straight to the end game … but for those that are interested, or if you want to come back later  … check it out here (instant Download).



Being influenced by Dedman’s and Scott’s teachings on value betting, Practical Punting has adjusted and created a formula to chart the prices of the first and second favourite … as explained in the free ebook, in the section on Fair and Value Price Place Betting, the charting should not be used indiscriminately – but backed by judgment…

We have taken these mathematical theories, amended and adjusted them using our own formula, taking into account the bookies takeout, the rounding down of the tote’s dividends and the bookmaker's over-rounds.

To allow you to apply your judgement we have programmed a race form analyser so you can apply your own form handicapping principles – or simply use our selection strategies  – to make best use of the prices – to be applied to favourites and second favourites - these include:

Number of Runners
Days since last Start
Beaten Lengths last race
Last Start Finish Position
Market Place Price

Build Winning VALUE Betting Methods in Seconds

Have you ever wished you had the foresight to identify profitable betting opportunities before the race?

This can be answered when using the VALUE HORSE – Price and Betting Analyser - an innovative tool that lets you develop betting strategies and handicapping methods, so that you can zero in on those VALUE HORSES.

As part of your subscription you will be able to use VALUE HORSE – Price and Betting Analyser to filter your betting approaches against our horse racing form for all Australian TAB gallop meetings.

Here's what you'll be able to do with VALUE HORSE – Price and Betting Analyser

VALUE HORSE – Price and Betting Analyser is an essential tool for punters looking to make money from betting on Horse Racing.

  • Our form data covers all Australian TAB gallop meetings.

  • You can filter form by both recent & career performance, distance, price, and more.

  • We reveal to you our suggested strategies – and you can also create and apply our own.

  • Find well handicapped horses at VALUE PRICES.

  • You can research races, using the form factors you feel are important, quicker than using a form guide.

  • Find VALUE bets quickly using our betting approaches.

Imagine what you can do with VALUE HORSE – Price and Betting Analyser at your Fingertips? 

Winning Strategies You Can Apply 
When you join we provide you with betting Strategies which you can easily apply through the VALUE HORSE – Price and Betting Analyser.

We are not going to list all the possible strategies here and now, why?

Our clients have in most cases years, some over 50 years of experience in racing, but still want a starting point.

We appreciate you will want a starting point, something to work with rather than a blank canvas, so we provide you with a solid betting strategy and explain the reason for the approach. 

Let's look at a snapshot of how these guidelines have performed.

117% Win Profit

23.50 Place Profit

70.29% Each-Way Profit

In the week prior to release, from Sunday 10 June to Sunday 17 June, 2018, Value Horse Strategy One made a sensational 117% win profit, with a very solid 23.50% place profit, for a combined 70.29% profit each-way.


Win Bets:

17 Bets

10 Wins

36.90 units return

19.90 units profit

117% profit


Place Bets:

17 Bets

14 Places

21 units return

4 units profit

23.50% profit


Each-Way Bets:

57.90 units return

23.90 units profit

70.29% profit

To sum up, then: 

It's a crackerjack approach ideally suited to punters who bet small or big. The selections are always sound.

The pathway is now open for you to join VALUE HORSE. With the big carnivals looming, there's never been a better time to join the VALUE HORSE betting revolution.


What You Get . . . 

Let’s go over what you will get: 

Exclusive access to the VALUE HORSE – Price and Betting Analyser handicapping and selection tool for 1 full 12 months.

Yes a dedicated private online area for VALUE HORSE members, where Practical Punting’s team of programmers have set up the ‘ins and outs’ of the brilliant pricing and selection approach.

We also provide you with a selection strategy which you can then apply the VALUE HORSE – Price and Betting Analyser  to every Australian TAB gallop meeting. Plus you can use the VALUE HORSE – Price and Betting Analyser to design and apply you own betting strategies.

Please hurry. It’s going to be hard to offer so much … for so little … for very long. 

Most important, I urge you to click the “Start Now” button because there will never be a better or easier time to position yourself for the opportunities ahead.

All for less than $4.75 a week - fantastic value for such a great pricing and handicapping approach. 

Act now!

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