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Leverage our form database to quickly rate each runner so that you can zero in on the best chances in a race.

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The Key Benefits of Using Xpress Form

Leverage Our Form Database to Quickly Rate Each Runner

Xpress Form punting tool allows you to quickly find the potential winner of every Australian race calculated by analysing vital form factors and displaying a rating for each runner.

Create Your Own Weightings Using Each Form Factor

Use ticks to allocate the importance for each form factor based on their importance to you. As the weightings change the Xpress Form betting tool will automatically update so you can see straight away how it affects the prediction.

Save Your Preferences

Once you’ve found you're preferred weightings you can save them as presets so that you don’t have to adjust the bars every race you want to look at.

Get Your Selection Alerts.

Tick your settings to receive a selection email alert with the top-ticked selection in each race that meets your saved filters.