Dutch Betting Calculator

A Brilliant Tool that Enables you to bet on multiple selections so that whichever one wins, you win, too!

There is often an occasion in a race when you'll fancy two or more of the possibilities. Rather than pick one it can be wise to 'Dutch' and back them all - and you can get good returns if the prices are right.

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Betting Calculator


Dutch Betting Calculator Explained

Simply select the race, tick the horses you wish to consider, then go to the  'Total', select which operator (Profit, Bet, Return), insert the dollar amount (in the white box) , then push 'Calculate'.
Your Dutch Bets can be split into 3 main types.
RETURN: This is the most basic form of dutching, the Bet amount placed on each selection is amended to ensure an equal RETURN.
BET: The BET option allows you to set the total amount BET – so that the Total BET outlaid stays the same, regardless of how many bets are placed.
PROFIT: This is our default setting in the calculator: Here you set the PROFIT (eg $50) and you place your bet amounts according to the amount of profit each bet makes, so that regardless of which one wins your PROFIT would be $50.