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The Invader Plan

The Invader Plan

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How to find the Winning Bets

10 Years of Profits

44% Win Strike Rate


It is thought that a highly secretive group of punters have been doing it for years. And we're getting ready to do it again this spring! And we want you to join us.

For the first time in almost a decade a horse racing selection approach, that can take it's inspiration from what some believe to be 'one of the best ever', is about to go through a radical transformation.

We have called this horse racing method - the Invader.


This Spring, Practical Punting has committed to providing access to a small group of our members, on a first come, first served basis, our unique handicapping and section service.

This service uses the powerful factors of a punting formula devised by one of the first truly professional punters.

We first referred to and published the factors behind this formula in our magazine, Practical Punting Monthly, over a decade ago.

For you to be able to decide if this handicapping and selection service is for you, the very first step is for us to tell you the story behind the method ... and then we will give you the run down on our Invader member’s selection service.

You will then be in a strong position to judge for yourself if this handicapping approach is for you.

One of the World's first truly Professional Punters

The inspiration for the Invader Plan originates from a method that was devised over 70 years ago by one of the first truly professional punters, and so far as we are aware the original method has been in constant use, by a few fortunate people, since its introduction all those years ago.

We believe that we can safely assume that this has more than stood the test of time!

It was only ever passed on by word of mouth; in fact, any interested parties were invited, and then only at the sole discretion of the originator of the plan, to a series of presentations, paying a fee for each session.

They were, by all accounts, very successful, and those fortunate enough to attend doubtless went on their way armed with their new-found knowledge and plagued the bookmakers for many years.

The Invader Plan is a greatly enhanced version of this earlier betting method and has, over the past 10 or so years that it has been in use, provided the punter with consistent profits in that time.


EXPOSED: The ideas behind the INVADER Plan

We are going to outline for you the ideas behind this approach. Whilst we cannot give you the final defining rules, we do want to provide you with a strong understanding of how this handicapping and selection approach works.

A string of ‘basics’ are behind any punter’s success in finding winners on a consistent basis.

The aim of the Invader is to give the punter the chance to zero in on solid bets which can vary in price from short to medium.

Now, it doesn't matter if you are a university honours student in statistical mathmatics or a self taught punter, a form guide can bring everyone together on equal terms. Because form is the great leveler in racing.

Each person can make of it what he or she will. Each person can read the form of all horses in a race and come to totally different decisions. That's the fun and the art of handicapping - the very reason betting on the races exists.

Form study can be enormously rewarding. It's like anything else in life - the harder you work at it the better you get. And, as most millionaires will tell you, hard work makes good luck.

I've been a keen student of form most of my life. It has provided me with some of my headiest moments, when success came in dollars after hours of weighing up the form of dozens of horses.

What are the best rules for form study? There are several key ones and Invader is a very powerful tool in helping to sort them out for you.


The idea behind the approach is this:

All the clues to determining the winner of any given race can be found in the form guide.

It is all there; all the punter has to do is unravel the web of statistics and compare each with each other in the long, difficult task of pinpointing the prospects.

The thrust of the Invader Plan, though, is that you can astutely avoid going through all the hundreds of various form factors. This is because the approach uses only a handful of factors - ones that have been tried, tested and proven over many years and many thousands of races.

The word 'proven' is an important one. What we need, as punters, is to seek out the PROVEN horses; that is, the horses who have shown they can compete, who are PROVEN performers, and their most recent form is such that they possess a stronger than average chance of winning the current race.

Invader assesses each horses most recent form via its allotment of points. Recent form is the most reliable guide to any horse. A win is 99% of the time a better guide than a 2nd, and so on.

The approach then looks at how well-fancied a horse is in the pre-race betting market. This is important because the markets over time are a good indicator of what is going to happen. In a majority of races, those runners listed on the first few lines of betting will provide the winner of the race. That's a fact.

The horses that are outside the market pick up the crumbs - so it makes sense for us to concentrate on the runners in a particular section of the market.

Once we have assessed each contending runner's last few starts and then, when we have earmarked those horses in the betting market, we determine which of them to zero in on.

At this point we have to emphasise that you only operate on certain races - and they are the BEST RACES.

So there you have your betting lineup. You bet only on the BEST RACES, you concentrate on the PROVEN runners who are positioned where we want them in the market.

When you apply the Invader Plan you will KNOW that the horse you are going to back is a good horse with a sound chance. There are no 'silly' selections. Each selection is based on solid form principles on factors we have researched over thousands of races.

Fully Tested Over 10 Years

44% Win Strike 

This Invader Plan's formula has been fully tested over a massive 10 years. The Invader Plan's Special Bets have achieved up to a staggering 44% win strike during that time! A full decade of level stakes profits is behind this remarkable winner finder.

We mentioned earlier that the word 'proven' is an important one. What we need, as punters, is to seek out the PROVEN horses; that is, the horses who have shown they can compete, who are PROVEN performers, and their most recent form is such that they possess a stronger than average chance of winning the current race. Our 10 years of research backs this up, that these are the PROVEN performers.

Now here is the good news . . .

Well, now there’s a way you can reap the benefits, get advance notice of Saturday’s best horses and get expert, unbiased advice from what has been heralded as one of the greatest handicapping and selection approaches in the last 20 years, by barely lifting a finger.

It’s called the Invader member’s service

Starting today, a subscription to the Invader Plan's member service is less than $3 a week

That’s small potatoes considering the amount of time you will save and the possible winners you could back when using the Invader recommendations.
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