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Major breakthrough, from Australia's most talented handicapping and system developers, blows the form book apart!

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Outsiders Approach Makes


Dear Fellow Punter,

The Maverick handicapping approach is simplicity itself. 

It employs a unique approach to form analysis as its key component, one that – to our knowledge – has never been applied by other racing analysts and organisations to race form. 

Yet it immediately indicates the consistency of a horse and ensures that you are focusing on those horses, considered to have the best chances of winning. 

Coupled with further refining rules, the net result is a completely unique winner-finding process that presents its members with amazing results.

The handicapping approach is not exhausted by rules - rather it is a clever approach - it will invariably come up with a fancied runner but it will also often spot a horse at a solid value price – those elusive outsiders.


Think Outside The Square

To get the upper hand, especially on price, the punter needs to have a very clever selection plan, and a plan that will be unknown to the rest of the world.

 A lot has been written about handicapping approaches in horse racing.

Horse racing methods come in many forms and guises. Some take into account a wide range of variables – often too many! Others are simpler, using only key factors in small numbers.

We had this in mind when compiling this special handicapping approach. It goes straight to the heart of the form of any runner – and makes it easy to define, what we feel are, the optimal selections.

A main aspect behind the thinking of this approach is this:

IT IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT to the usual way that handicappers approach racing selections.

And that is a vitally important aspect – to win these days, with all the form that’s around in various guises (internet, form guides, TV, radio etc) all the traditional bases are covered, over and over again.

So to get an edge, to get the upper hand, the punter needs to have a very clever selection plan, and a plan that is not being used by the rest of the punting world

It’s the exclusivity of this handicapping approach that makes it potentially formidable.

It can, if used sensibly, provide you with gilt-edged bets – horses that are well positioned to strike and which have KEY FACTORS in their favour, often at big outside prices.

Maverick Special Outsider Winners over the past seven Months

Paulele Won $8.50

Princess Bojack Won $7.00

Belsielle Won $7.50

He's A Balter Won $6.00

Justacanta Won $17.00

Our Playboy Won $11.00

Mishani Mental Won $9.00

I Am Lethal Won $7.50

Ho Ho Khan Won $14.00

Fireburn Won $8.00

The inside story from the Practical Punting Team behind this handicapping approach…

Maverick is a dynamically effective handicapping approach that smashes the form book to pieces – in a few mighty steps.

The search for a handicapping approach that will turn the tide! 

We are all after it in racing, and especially those of us who like to dig deep into the form book. 

The problem with ‘angles’ is that some tend to be okay for a while - and then they take a wrong turning! Some, however, prove just the opposite. They keep on performing, month after month, year after year.

Maverick Special Outsiders approach has shown staggering consistency going back to the start 0f 2020:

132% Profit this racing year

57% Profit 2021

42% Profit 2020


There are certain basic factors that will stand us in good stead if we are relatively serious bettors. If we keep certain strong factors in mind, we can put ourselves on the right path, with not too many silly and frustrating deviations along the way.

What we must remember is that picking winners at the races is no easy matter.

Handicapping is an art in itself. To our  way of thinking, it’s not a science and never has been. Our approach is to try to be as methodical as we can.

In this regard, we tend to closely follow certain guidelines. But not slavishly. The challenge of handicapping a race is always going to be an intellectual one. Your knowledge is matched against those of all the other punters at the track, and off-course.

It’s always said that good handicapping requires you to do pre-race study (if you’re serious about winning, that is). It’s vital, it’s claimed, because if you fail to assess a race fairly and squarely you’ll have no-one to blame but yourself if you back a loser.

We have believe that to be a good handicapper you need to be firm and yet flexible.

You have to make strong decisions but when you’re at the track you must be flexible enough to make a change or two if they’re needed. 

By this we mean you must have the capacity to change your plans if you see something on which you hadn’t reckoned with when doing the form assessments for a race. Changes in odds might affect your plans.

Bearing all this mind, we decided some time ago to switch tack. 

We wanted to cut out all those frustrating hours of study, all the going back and forth over the various form lines.

We wanted to fly in a straight line - directly to my choice in a race, and we knew that to do this we would need to discover a ‘magic bullet’.

And then our team noticed something that intrigued them.

It was a handicapping approach that Practical Punting had developed that immediately indicated the consistency of a horse and ensures that you are focusing on those horses, considered to have the best chances of winning. 

We knew it had potential and when we added a one more simple, but vital, form factor, that the Jockey and Trainer must have a winning combination - soon as we put ‘2 and 2’ together – we could see its power – to not only come up with a fancied runner but that it will also often spot a horse at a solid value price – those elusive outsiders.


Fully Researched Rules and Results

What You Get . . .

Let’s go over what you will get:

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With us doing all the hard work of selecting for you.

In addition, you can have the Maverick selections emailed to you.



Maverick will not be generally advertised – and will be subject to strict membership quotas to protect dividends. As a valued Practical Punting member, you are invited to join now – before quota limits are reached.

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