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Winning Edge

Winning Edge

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And using the same winning method it has achieved a 52% win strike rate


Dear Fellow Punter,

At the start of this year two of our racing analysts, who had joined forces to research and develop horse racing handicapping methods, sent us an excited message advising us that they had discovered an approach that had given them the ‘Winning Edge’.

What they discovered blew us and them away!

Their extensive research and analysis of our racing database established that this new handicapping approach was a winner – with its special bets securing a win strike rate of over 50%, whilst generating a solid return over the previous 2 years of more than 45% profit.

But that, by itself, was not enough, we wanted to know and witness more – we had to see how it would perform over the coming months before we dared to be committed to anything.

Over the next few months we watched it live and monitored the approach in practice … witnessing the special bets from the new betting approach make a staggering 76% profit at level stakes.


Now On Limited release

Gus James and the Chartist, our two racing experts that researched and developed the Wining Edge, have authorised a limited release of their rules and results.

These two men, having had such great success with this winning method, understandably they don’t want to suffer from ‘over-exposure’ of the rules.

However, we feel our Practical Punting members have a right to benefit from the massive resource and tools that our company has been able to provide these two guys enabling them to develop and research the Wining Edge.

It has been mutually agreed, therefore, that a limited distribution of the Winning Edge will be made to our Practical Punting members only.

But first make sure you study the features below, see how simple, quick it is and how profitable it has been over the past three years, then when you have decided that this approach may be for you – simply click the order button and get instant access to the full rules and results and get a the 12 month selection service where we do all the work for you. But let us repeat – there is a limited membership.

Consistent Profits

Gus James and The Chartist's aim was to win consistently. That is exactly what they have achieved over the past 3 years of research. The win strike rate for their special bets is a massive 52% whilst its level stakes profit is at a remarkable 46%.



Proven In Practice

Not only has this system been research over three years - it has been proven to us in practice over the last eight months of monitoring.

Excellent Credentials

Chartist, the co-designer of this handicapping approach, is the creator of the original Ryan’s Gold - one of the most successful racing methods ever sold in Australia.

It was surveyed by Punter’s Choice who called it a ‘solid profitmaker’, after showing itself to be the most successful racing method ever reviewed by them over such a prolonged period.

Powerful Research

Combine the research power of Chartist with the practical power of the professional racing analyst and punter, Gus James, - check back the past results, and you have the combination for a magnificent racing method, and that is exactly what the Winning Edge has proven to be. Research data has monitored over 90,000 horses, approaching 10,000 races over the last three years - that is comprehensive!

What You Get . . .

Let’s go over what you will get:

Exclusive access to the Winning Edge member’s online tipping forum.

Yes a dedicated private online tipping area for Winning Edge members, wherePractical Punting’s team of analysts will show you the ‘ins and outs’ of the brilliant selection formula.

They will apply the Winning Edge selection formula to every race at every major metropolitan Saturday meeting in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – they will also work out, what they believe to be, the right top horses upon which to focus – providing you with the final selections – doing the work for you to uncover those gems.

Please hurry. It’s going to be hard to offer so much … for so little … for very long.

Most important, I urge you to click the “Join Now” button because there will never be a better or easier time to position yourself for the opportunities ahead.

All for less than $3.00 a week – one of our lowest subscription rates, for such a great service.

Act now!
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