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RAMROD selection service. This unique punting advisory service has been set up by us to help individual punters just like you save time and help...
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Statsman, Australia's most authoritative Racing Analyst, shows you how to profit from horses that are outsiders, known as Dark Horses...
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For your weekend betting action. Expert tips from our racing analysts. Designed to enhance your punting activity & help increase your profits...
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Based on key factors that have stood the test of time: CONSISTENCY, GOOD FORM, WINNING ABILITY AT TODAY'S RACE DISTANCE & PRICE IN THE...
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We believe that we have created a totally new way of handicapping, that we have not seen used before.
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For just the first time in over 25 years a surprising betting approach, used by a small, but patient, group of punters is about to go through a...
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At the start of this 2015 two of our racing analysts, who had joined forces to research and develop horse racing handicapping methods, sent us an...
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In betting, because winning returns are needed on a consistent basis, the demand is that any horse we back has to be consistent. This is because...
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A lot has been written about ‘ratings’ in horse racing. The word is much bandied about.Ratings approaches come in many forms and...
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The Buccaneer membership has limited spaces available. First launched in 2010, membership has remained high due to membership renewals.  
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One of the indisputable facts about horse-racing is that on-pace horses (those runners positioned from 1st to 4th in the early stages of a race...
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These are just a handful of testimonials from clients, backing up Brian’s uncanny knack of being able to successfully identify selection...
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The Golden Edge membership has limited spaces available. First launched in 2013, membership has remained high due to membership renewals.
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It is thought that a highly secretive group of punters have been doing it for years. And we're getting ready to do it again this spring! And we...
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The search for an angle that will turn the tide! We’re all after it in racing, and especially those of us who like to dig deep into the form...
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You can apply the the Ultimate Selector Form Analyser to all TAB Australian, New Zealand and Hong Kong gallops meetings
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Check out the form factor behind this approach ... a vital form factor that 60% of all winners share! Short Description text.  Per quod...
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Over 60% of winners are on-pace runners. Build winning pace betting methods in seconds.
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