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Why use a Black Book?

No punter ever wants to miss a race featuring a horse, jockey or trainer they have their eye on. A Black Book means that your never will. Simply add jockeys, trainers or horses to your own personal Black Book and we'll notify you via email the day before the race. 


How a Black Book works

Our database contains every active horse, trainer and jockey in Australia, not to mention all the data from the international meetings we cover! All you need to do is search for the horse, jockey, trainer you're interested in to view their profile page.  Then simply click the Add to Blackbook button in the header and it will be be added to your personalised Black Book.

There is no limit to the number of items you can add to your Black Book! You can even add notes to your Black Book entries to remind you of why that blackbooker caught your attention.

We then run daily checks to see if any of your Black Book entries will be featuring in the following day's racing. If they are, we'll send you a friendly email to notify you. But remember, only Practical Punters members can use this if you haven't already, join today!

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