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The Accelerator

The Accelerator

 The Accelerator, a horse racing selection method that cashes in on the most potent form factors.

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What You Get . . .

Let’s go over what you will get:

Fully Researched Rules and Results

When you join The Accelerator Horse Racing Method you’ll receive the fully research rules and results. Yours to keep and use forever. 


Exclusive 12 month access to the The Accelerator Horse Racing Method online selection member’s area.

Yes a dedicated private online tipping area for The Accelerator Horse Racing Method members, where the The Accelerator Horse Racing Method secret selection formula will be applied to Saturday Metro meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and then posted in the Accelerator Horse Racing Method Members Tipping Area - password protected.

With us doing all the hard work of selecting for you. 

In addition, you can have The Accelerator Horse Racing Method selections emailed to you.

All for less than $3.00 a week.

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