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There are a handful of vacant spots available

The Buccaneer membership has limited spaces available. First launched in 2010, membership has remained high due to membership renewals.

We currently have a few spaces available - and we are touching base to see if you who would like to grab one of the available spots.

Put Up or Shut Up

You have heard the old adage put to grandiose boasts ... ‘Put up or shut up’.

Well, we are happy to do that right here and give you a complete and unrestricted viewing of the complete rules to the Buccaneer method.

Even a novice punter can read these rules and understand the fundamental brilliance of this formula.

But in doing so you will now also understand the massive ‘caveat’ . . . the essential problem . . . that tails the brilliance of The Buccaneer.

That is, its application is a mammoth task.

This is where the Buccaneer’s member’s service provides the solution ... as we do all the work for you.

We give you the Buccaneer specials for each Saturday, we look at and identify the:

  • Best Bets
  • Value Bets

And then, if they meet our strict criteria, we provide them to members for Saturdays racing

You have been carefully selected from Practical Punting’s wider community … as I believe members like you will have an interest in this unique opportunity.

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