Our aim is to help anyone with an interest in horse racing and punting, from the novice to the professional, to do so in an enjoyable way. We make it our mission to help you become a better punter along the way.

That's why Practical Punting has attracted many tens of thousands of people from around the world since we first published Australia's favourite racing magazine, Practical Punting Magazine, over 26 years ago.

What We Do
Practical Punting provides racing and punting information for punters and racing enthusiasts of every kind. Our products and services - whether free or fee-based, online or offline - are designed to help people improve their punting.

Our offerings include:

Horse Racing Tips & Betting Strategies
Winners from professional punters. Back more winners with Austrslia’s best horse racing tipsters

Practical Punting Magazine (PPM)
We have been publishing Australia's favourite racing magazine for over 26 years and it has built an enviable reputation for turning its readers into winners. Each issue is packed full of punting articles, racing methods, staking plans, money management ideas and winning tips.

Practical Punting Daily & Saturday selections (PPD Club)
The nations leading horseracing tipping site, with Daily Specials, longshots, ratings and much more. Brian Blackwell and his team established the PPD Club back in 1997. It has become an exclusive Club, designed for those who genuinely want to win at racing. It's run by professionals with the one aim: To make money for our subscribers. Now, as we all know, that's a tough mission in the world of racing. Had we not given winners, and helped our members to win, the PPD Club would have folded long ago.

Practicalpunting.com.au - PP Online
We have collated and put together, online, in what has become the greatest punting knowledge resource there is today, our very best articles, betting approaches, winning strategies, staking plans, the complete A to Z of handicapping and form analysis. It is the single best resource for how to increase your profits from horseracing and punting. Become a member today for FREE!

Whether it's presenting the latest breaking racing news, delivering thought provoking articles from our punting and racing experts, access to free punting e-books, tools and specialist, Practical Punting's award winning website provides a central location for the racing enthusiast. Designed to entertain, educate and enrich.

Horseracing Betting Methods & Selection Services
Through our large network of racing analysts and experts we release and publish horse racing betting methods and selections services for punters. Practical Punting is backed by a team of talented analysts; every one of our products is focused on delivering winning information and recommendations - and building a transparent track record to prove it through extensive research and testing.

Free email Newsletter
Practical Punting delivers a regular email newsletter to thousands of its members, our editorial staff carefully select articles that readers will find entertaining and educational, packed with information to help you win.

Article Syndication
Practical Punting has an extensive library of racing and punting articles, distributed through wide-ranging partnerships with other leading horseracing and punting websites from around the world.

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