The BIG 6 

The BIG 6 is an exotic bet type that can pay big returns. Striking a BIG 6 can be a fantastic experience for Punters. The payouts are big. Below is a small selection of the dozens of excotic and BIG 6 articles we have, covering Big 6 systems, Big 6 taking approaches and more. For an extensive coverage of BIG 6 betting - click here  

My Formula to Beat the Big 6

I suspect that the vast majority of people who take an interest in racing in NSW and Victoria, and probably most of the rest of the country, have succumbed to investing a few dollars on the BIG 6 ...

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Don't be a Little Player in the Big 6 Game

While the Big 6 is an attractive bet for small punters (BIG rewards for LITTLE outlay), the reality is that it’s a real tough cookie!As Barry Meadow, the authoritative US expert says: “Multiple win ...

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