Chad Schofield can continue his association with classy filly Go Indy Go when she resumes in the Cap D’Antibes Stakes at Flemington on September 13 thanks to a variation by the Racing Appeals Board of his month-long suspension incurred at Caulfield on August 16, reports Racing Network.

Racing Victoria stewards suspended Schofield for a calendar month after he was found guilty of what stewards described as “high” level interference between the 900 and 700 metres.

But, RAD Board chairman Judge Russell Lewis said the penalty was outside what would be considered reasonable for careless riding. He can now resume on September 13 after the RAD Board shaved four days off the penalty.

Judge Lewis said Schofield’s riding and protection of his fellow riders left "a lot to be desired”.

The RAD Board heard Schofield had been suspended 19 times since August 2012, a record RV chief steward Terry Bailey described as “the worst” he’s encountered since he’s been in charge of the Victorian stewards panel.

When asked to address the claim of “victimisation” by Schofield in the steward’s room on August 16, Bailey said it was not the case and Schofield had been unable to see the error of his ways.

“It’s everyone else’s fault bar him,” Bailey said.

“There’s no victimisation. Chad Schofield doesn’t see where he’s wrong, it’s everyone’s fault bar Chad Schofield. With that view he’s going to be before the stewards and (RAD) Board again.”

Schofield acknowledged his record was poor. “I’m ashamed and embarrassed by my record," he said.

“It’s taken so long for me to learn from my mistakes. I’ve been working with Brent Thomson for the past six months and I really think he’s helped my career.

“Before this there had been only one suspension in six months. I feel I’m improving, but my record is not where I want it to be.

“Hopefully, one day I will have a good record.”