Jockey Nikita McLean was today suspended for five months

Jockey Nikita McLean was today suspended for five months following an altercation with her sister Jackie Beriman at Hamilton last Sunday, but has history stretching back to last year, reports TVN Racing 

It says: Racing Victoria stewards found McLean guilty of misconduct in that she physically assaulted Beriman. She was outed for five months.

Stewards also suspended McLean for one month on a charge of failing to comply with a direction from a steward to attend an inquiry.

McLean pleaded guilty to both charges.

RV deputy chairman of stewards Rob Montgomery said both penalties would be served concurrently.

McLean also faced an allegation that she kicked Beriman in the Hamilton jockeys room, but Montgomery said there was no collaborative evidence from the other female jockeys to support that allegation.

During a candidly explosive steward’s inquiry, McLean told stewards that her sister had “ruined her marriage and is trying to ruin my career.”

McLean told the inquiry that Beriman had slept with her husband Brad McLean.

Beriman, who gave evidence to the inquiry via telephone hook up, said McLean had kicked her in the Hamilton jockey’s room.

Beriman said McLean in a separate incident had “pushed her around a little bit” and struck her. When asked how many times, Beriman replied: “I don’t know, a couple of times, I don’t remember. I wasn’t counting.”

Asked if she was traumatised, Beriman said she was and that one of her ears was hurting, but she had not sustained any injuries.

McLean said she had been “extremely civil and professional” towards her sister for the past eight months and had been listed as the person to represent her on a number of race days.

She told the inquiry it was the first time she, Jackie and Brad McLean had been “in the same vicinity” since an incident last year.

McLean said she spoke to her husband at Hamilton and had become “emotionally upset” when he tapped her backside.

“I had forgiven both of them, I thought I wouldn’t have an issue. I think it was more Brad tapping me on the ass and then Jackie being naked (in the jockey’s room) that I became really emotional,” Nikita McLean said.

“It didn’t come across my mind that anything like this would happen.”

McLean said the day started by her offering Beriman some advice of not sitting up on a horse before the finish, but her sister had dismissed it.

"I said ‘you have such a bad attitude, don’t speak to me. She mimicked me so I kicked out and made contact with the pole. She seemed fine after that," Nikita McLean said.
McLean said the next thing she knew she was in the steward’s room answering questions of kicking Beriman.
She said when Beriman told stewards she "definitely" kicked her she became upset.
"I was a mess emotionally. I was emotionally upset and angry."
McLean said she overcame that outburst and was again "in a good frame of mind" in preparation for her next ride when she was approached by RV steward Sam Cochrane to attend a steward's inquiry.
"I said ‘I’ll come in after this race, but not now’.”

She added that when Cochrane returned and said if she didn’t attend the inquiry she would be stood down, she became angry and upset again.

Cochrane told the inquiry that McLean said ‘f.... you then, I’m not riding.”

During today’s inquiry McLean apologised to Cochrane for swearing.

McLean said she made her way towards the jockey’s room and came face to face with her sister.

She said the two made eye contact and then she “pushed her and punched her.”

Cochrane told the inquiry he saw McLean push Beriman and then “started throwing punches” at her.

Montgomery said stewards took into account McLeab’s guilty plea and the circumstances leading up to the Hamilton.

McLean was suspended for two months in September 2009 for punching Stacey Rawiller in the jockey’s room at Echuca.