Following almost 10mls of rain overnight the Randwick track on Thursday morning was downgraded to a ‘heavy 9’.

Track Manager Nevesh Ramdhani told Racing Network he has fears with more rain forecast the track could even get to a ‘heavy 10’ by Saturday.

“We’ve really copped it.

"I was OK until I got up this morning and saw we had 9.4mls overnight,” he explained.

“I think we’re going to cop these coastal showers right through now,” he said.

Ramdhani explained the forecast was for showers every day right into next week.

“The only problem we might have is if it rains during the race-meeting on Saturday and visibility becomes an issue, otherwise we won’t have a problem.

"Even if we get a lot more rain the track will be safe, the only problem then comes down to visibility on the day,” he said.