Melbourne Cup 2018 Strategies

Tuesday, 6 November 2018, 3 PM Flemington Group 1

Melbourne Cup Strategies

To help you Find the Winner of the Cup

We reveal to you the secrets we have learned over the past 30 years of picking and backing horses and give you our secrets to picking the winner of the Melbourne Cup.

The information assembled has been hand-picked from our vast punting resource, and incudes timeless strategies from over three decades – applicable in today’s racing as when first discovered.

From Weight-For-Age to Cup Winners

Now is the time – August – when punters should begin looking for the early clues to discovering which horses will win major spring races like the Caulfield Cup, Melbourne Cup and W.S. Cox Plate.

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We call this plan the Clever Punters’ Plan, because it is designed to take advantage of mug money wagered on Melbounre Cup Day. When you think of it, the money wagered throughout Australia on Melbourne Cup Day is usually enough to buy a couple of Battleships and an Aircraft Carrier for the R.A.N., and so we, as regular and careful punters, are entitled to just a little bit of it. 

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The Melbourne Cup Plan Of The Month

Whatever people say, this is the race everyone loves, and it is the clockstopper. Everyone is an authority, and they all have an opinion. So it should be. It surely is a difficult race to pick, as we all know. One aspect of it that has become more prominent over the past few years is that overseas horses. 

So a plan for the Melbourne Cup has to be devised around the best stayers and they will often be imports. Usually the handicapper will have their measure, but not always...

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Cup Glory

W all want to win—and win big. Well, you can! Believe me, there’s no great mystery, as any one of you reading this is capable of handicapping the Melbourne Cup field, and doing it well enough to win huge amounts of cash from the trifecta. 

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Fining Down The Field ... Trying To Find The Winner Of The Cup

Let’s have a look at a few ideas that will certainly help us to come up with a small number of contenders, who will have the benefit of history to assist their chances.

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Big Distance Winners

With the Caulfield and Melbourne Cups just around the corner I thought it would be worthwhile looking at a system for picking winners in these distance races.

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Taming the Trifecta

The big dividends in trifectas invariably come from races in which there are a lot of runners. The Melbourne Cup is an example. Let’s say you had a real “banker” for the Cup, a horse you felt was a mighty chance (like Makybe Diva) and you want to bet $50 (give or take a dollar) and make sure that most of the field is covered for 3rd place?

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Cup Day challenge: How Much To Bet

The Melbourne Cup is just around the corner. How much are you going to bet this year? Did you win last year? 

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Probe That Distance Win Factor

One of the many reasons the average punter loses money at the racetrack is an inability to rigorously assess the distance ability of the horses they are going to back. 

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If you are going to have a prepost bet on the Melbourne Cup, the time to have it is debatable. You can be a lucky Brian Blackwell and pick something at astronomical odds, and who is to say that BB won’t do it again? So maybe when the serious odds are posted, around early August, you should step in and have a small investment on...

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Everything you need to know to maximise your profits in a Cup Calcutta 

Is there a better way to back a horse in a race than in a calcutta? The value to be found in a calcutta can be the difference between a winning or losing year. There are downfalls but a smart operator who identifies the vagaries of a calcutta can certainly get an edge, and make a difference to their annual results.

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How to discover future champions

What makes a champion? It’s one of the most arguedabout topics in racing. When does a horse graduate from being the best, or even just one of the best, to champion? 

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Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup 2018 Dates

WEIGHTS 12 September
1ST ACCEPTANCES Tue, 9 October
2ND ACCEPTANCES Mon, 29 October
FORM GUIDE Sat, 4 November
RACE DAY Tue, 6 November

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