CHAD Schofield doesn’t expect to be back riding before February or possibly even as late as March, reports Racing Network. Schofield said the timeline for his return from a fall from Classic Charm at Geelong on December 7 is still to early to call, but said it would range from four up to as many as eight weeks.

“I’ve been pressing the doctors and physios for a date, but it is just too hard,” Schofield said.

“It all depends on how my arm copes with the rehab. I’d say anywhere between four and eight weeks.

“The main thing is to get it right, especially with such an important joint like the elbow."

The 20-year-old suffered small fractures to his back, but the biggest issue is tendon and nerve damage where he dislocated his elbow and where the bone pieced the skin.

Last week Schofield started his rehab and he’s having daily physio sessions on his injured elbow.

“My back feels very good. I’ve got a lot of work ahead with my arms, but at least it is on the way up," Schofield said.

“I have to get my movement back. I had to have an operation to sew the tendon back to the bone.

“It’s been almost a month now and it has meshed well so I can start physio.”