SHE may be the smallest horse that he’s sat on, but Brent Stanley subscribes to the adage that size doesn’t matter with House Of Stars, which posted her third win in Monday's Land Engineering Adam Dower Memorial at Mornington, reports Racing Network.

Stanley believes that what House Of Stars lacks in size she makes up for in desire, determination and professionalism.


He said that House Of Stars, raced by David Moodie’s Contract Racing, would now head to Tasmania for two Stakes races. Stanley identified the Strutt Stakes and Tasmanian Oaks, both over 2100 metres, on February 9 and 19 respectively, for House Of Stars, which responded to Katelyn Mallyon's riding.


He said this daughter of Host’s win today sealed her trip to Tasmania.


“She is probably the smallest horse I’ve thrown my leg over, but she is as tough as nails,” Stanley said.


“She just wants to be a racehorse. She has raced three times in the past three weeks when it has been really hot, but it hasn’t bothered her.


“She is just so professional and she has the right attitude. It’s like the old saying ‘it doesn’t matter how big they are, it’s the size of the engine that counts.”