PETER Robl faces an indefinite time away from riding as he recovers from bruising to his spinal cord. Specialists told Robl that the MRI taken following his fall at Scone last week revealed bruising to the spinal cord in his neck, reports Racing Network.

Robl said he was told it could take as long as three months for the bruising to subside and the tingling sensation in his arms and numbness in his legs to disappear.

He said he had about 10 to 15 per cent numbness in his legs. The bruising to the spinal cord resulted in him having no feeling in his arms and legs for about 30-minutes after the fall.

“The doctor said my spine was quite traumatized so now it is basically a case of waiting for it to heal itself,” Robl said. “It’s in the same area where I fractured my neck a few years ago.”

Robl said the doctor told him there was no guarantee the ‘pins and needles’ and/or numbness in his legs would disappear.

“He said he was hopeful,” Robl said. “We can only see how it progresses and hope for the best and see how we get on.”

Robl said the tingling sensation and numbness is constantly with him. “It is like when you have a ‘dead’ leg, it is like that all the time.

“The doctor said it would hopefully go away, but with everything it is with time. You can’t rush it and let’s face it when it has to do with your spine, you don’t want to rush it.”