In an official statement released today, Racing NSW said it had made a complete review of the More Joyousinquiry. The official release said: “In addition to amending the Rules to ensure that punters are privy to all information in relation to the condition of horses engaged in races, Racing NSW has also resolved to donate to charity the fine imposed on Mr John Singleton as a result of his involvement in the case.”  Singleton was fined $15,000 over his part in the long-running saga, but accepted the stewards’ decision and did not appeal the penalty.  Racing NSW’s CEO Peter V’Landys today said:  “In view of Mr Singleton’s previous impeccable record coupled with his enormous contribution to the thoroughbred racing industry as an owner and breeder as well as his continued promotion of the industry, Racing NSW is of the opinion that the amount collected from Mr Singleton should now be donated to a worthy cause which Mr Singleton already supports financially. Mindful that Mr Singleton is a strong supporter of the Gut Foundation (Bowel Cancer Foundation) amongst numerous other charitable organizations, Racing NSW will now donate $15,000 to that Foundation.”