The Cleaner is set to arrive at Peter Gelagotis' stables within the next week, after his transfer from trainer Mick Burles was confirmed, reports

Racing manager Manny Gelagotis conceded the transfer process, which became public on Tuesday when Burles and The Cleaner part-owner Bill Fawdry spoke, was a "no-win situation".

And Peter and Manny were keen to stress that Burles was not forgotten in this, with one element of the handover set to see The Cleaner continue to race in the Longford trainer's colours.

"From where we sit, Peter and I, we look at this quite diligently," Manny Gelagotis told'sRacing Ahead on RSN.

"There's three parties that need to be protected, and that's the horse, Mick Burles and the owners."

Manny said The Cleaner will be a Moe resident by Christmas Day.

"We're hoping he'll be here in the next week," he said.

"He'll come into the system. We've got a good basic understanding of the horse, and hopefully we can get him back to his best.

"If not, let's just see what unfolds. There's no decisions to be made as yet, we haven't seen or examined the horse as yet.

"Hopefully, he'll be here in the next seven days, then we'll move forward."