RACING Victoria has called for a thorough report on the state of the Werribee track. CEO Bernard Saundry has asked for a full report after the final two races were abandoned following first day apprentice Boris Thornton falling when his horse Frenchkook broke down. 

Thornton, with his family all trackside watching in horror, hit a number of vertical uprights as he was bowled along the track. He was taken to hospital for observation with his neck in a brace and a leg in a moon boat, but both measures were said to be precautionary. Elder brother Damien who raced around the track to be with his brother said Boris was conscious and appeared to have use of all his limbs. 

Saundry said his first concern was for the welfare of Boris Thornton. He said he'd asked for a "full investigation about what has happened down there today".

Jockeys and trainers had been critical of the condition of the track from the opening race. Complaints varied from the track being patchy to loose and having no root system.
It had been an overwhelming theme for the meeting. Damien Thornton said he believed Frenchkook, trained by his father Glen, had put a hoof in a hole in the track.

RV deputy chairman of stewards Robert Cram, acting chairman Geoff Hausfeld and jockeys Craig Newitt and James Winks inspected the area near the 900 metres after the fall.
Not long after returning, stewards abandoned the final two races.