What did the jockeys make of the Melbourne Cup? This Racing Network article gives each rider's view:

DAMIEN OLIVER (Fiorente) 1st: “They went really hard early and I wanted to be closer but I was just going have to be forcing him to be there so I let the pace go and let him be happy. He moved into the race beautifully on the turn and it was just a matter of holding them off and he was too strong.”

GERALD MOSSE (Red Cadeaux) 2nd: “Brilliant horse. With a draw like that I was lucky to be travelling with cover midfield and he gave a nice kick to the end. He was beaten by the best one.” 

CRAIG WILLIAMS (Mount Athos) 3rd:  “His run was excellent. I drew 22 and the winner drew five, it’s a big difference. I had to do a little bit of work top get into a position and he ran great. We made our run with Red Cadeaux and I didn’t think I had much left at the 200 metres and he was empty at the 100 metres and still ran on for third. Just heart and guts.”


RICHARD HUGHES (Simenon) 4th: “My horse ran a blinder. Myself and the winner went around together. I was travelling really well at the 800-metre mark, but I didn’t let him go and then when they quickened they put a length on me. He stayed all the way to the line.”


RYAN MOORE (Dandino) 5th: “He ran very well. I thought we would be placed, but he just didn’t quite get home.”


NICK HALL (Fawkner) 6th: “I thought it was a sound effort.”


ETHIOPIA (Rhys McLeod) 7th: “His run good. They slowed up getting to the 1200 metres and I kept him in stride and travelled to the top of the straight. He quickened well, but the others quickened better.”


RICHARD KINGSCOTE (Brown Panther) 8th: “He ran well, he pulled up with a knock on him. He got hemmed in behind the leaders a little bit, but he got out with 600 m to run and finished strong, but too late.”


COREY BROWN (Super Cool) 9th: “ He had a terrific run. I followed Red Cadeaux and thought I was going good enough to win straightening for home. But off the bridle, I don’t think he runs the trip. He’s not a two miler, more of a 2400 metre horse. Ran super.”


JAMES McDONALD (Voleuse De Coeurs) 10th: “She is going to be a better mare next year and her work suggested that at Werribee. She is going to strengthen up and be a force next year.”


JAMIE SPENCER (Dunaden) 11th: “He ran well, tried hard, but weight stops trains.”


HUGH BOWMAN (Seville) 12th: “I had a beautiful run in transit, but he really failed to switch off for me. He was on and off the bridle most of the way and when they do that it is hard for them to finish off.”


STEVEN ARNOLD (Sea Moon) 13th: “He wasn’t great from the stalls, lacked early speed, but they went very quick and I was comfortable where I was. Travelled into the race very good coming to the corner, thought I was a chance at the top of the straight. But I went from that to really whacking away.”


KERRIN MCEVOY (Royal Empire) 14th: “I ended up further back than I wanted, but I got into a nice rhythm and the tempo was strong. I missed that scrimmage when that mare unfortunately broke down. I was able to pop off with cover from the 2000. The winner bumped me out of the way and my horse didn’t have the required turn of foot to get back into the race.”


BRENTON AVDULLA  (Mourayan) 15th: “He was wide the trip, but he didn’t have any speed at all. Whether he’s come to the end of it all and I think Lloyd said he was going to become a pony after today.”


LUKE NOLEN (Ibicenco) 16th: “We found a nice run, but I wasn’t able to flow from the five furlong mark and as a result he’s just ground to the line unimpressively.”


CRAIG NEWITT (Foreteller) 17th: “Just didn’t stay. Poked around out the back, got on to the back of Dandino and when he started to make his run, I started to empty my bloke out. He just plodded up the straight, there are plenty of 2400 metres races for him.”


MICHAEL RODD (Masked Marvel) 18th: “He travelled fantastically through the race and when I let him down coming to the 400 he just didn’t find much. Maybe the track and the distance.”


CHRIS MUNCE (Dear Demi) 19th: “I got a beautiful run, found a spot pretty easily and travelled well during the run. Struggled with the two miles.”


JIM CASSIDY (Hawkspur) 20th: “I had a beautiful run, but I just didn’t run the trip.”


BRETT PREBBLE (Green Moon) 21st: “First horse beaten, he’s pulled up very distressed. There is something wrong.”


TOMMY BERRY (Tres Blue) 22nd: “He stopped quickly. I tried to get the box seat, but Brown Panther kept on kicking up and during the run he kept tapping my hind quarters, which made my bloke race a touch keen and that told in the end.”


CHAD SCHOFIELD (Ruscello) 23rd: “He just didn’t back up. He didn’t appreciate three days between runs, he raced a bit flat.”


CHRISTOPHE LEMAIRE (Verema) FTF: “Before the race there was no sign that something was wrong, but unfortunately something did happen. That’s part of the game.”