Jockey Hugh Bowman signed off from his debut stint in Hong Kong with another winning double on Sunday but no misgivings about his decision not to return for longer.

Bowman misses the final two fixtures of the season with a careless riding ban, but took his bows in good style with a victory in the opener on Mobile King to bring Caspar Fownes level with John Size in the trainers' championship then added the narrowest of successes on Tony Millard-trained Spitfire in a finish that truly shocked him.

"Didn't think I'd won - actually, I still don't. Just a bob of the heads but I'll take it," said Bowman, who finished the month of June with 11 wins, more than any jockey except Zac Purton, and even that came down to Bowman losing one to a positive drug test.

But the Australian was not having any second thoughts about whether his worthwhile tally of 13 wins in 10 weeks should have been cause to return full time in the 2014-15 season now that he had gained a foothold.

"It took a while to get opportunities and the last month has been outstanding, but I'm under no illusions - I can see this is a place that ebbs and flows and I'm not kidding myself that one good month means I've made it," Bowman said.

"I didn't commit to coming back because I've spent 10 years building a reputation and a business in Australia where I'm in a position so that the good rides are flowing.

"My position here now won't be any different by not coming back right away, but I would lose that position at home that I've taken years to build if I left there. I've that to consider and also a young family. It's in the pipeline to come back on a more permanent basis, but just not yet."

Bowman said the aspect of Hong Kong that impressed him most was the administration of the sport, while he realised there was a long learning curve as far as the racing itself is concerned.