Jockey Talia Rodder is improving steadily after a trackwork incident that saw her trampled by a two-year-old at Caulfield last week, reports Racing Victoria.

Rodder returned to the Royal Melbourne Hospital on Wednesday morning for a consultation with specialists who confirmed she will require her facial structure to be effectively rebuilt in a major procedure.

“It’s still a long way [to go] but it's positive that she’ll be back to normal,” Rodder’s husband, Josh, said.

“The stitches around all the face and the forehead they are all getting taken out and they showed us all the scans and the horse did a really good job of it.”

The 31-year-old mother of one sustained severe injuries to her face when a horse lashed out, including a crushed cheekbone and nose, with the impact so fierce it forced her eye out of its socket.

Rodder confirmed his wife would return to the Royal Melbourne in late January for reconstructive surgery.

“Basically they’ve got to rebuild from inside the eye out, sometimes they can just replace the front of it but there is so much damage there they have to rebuild from inside to out but it’s all very positive,” Rodder said.

“We have to rebuild the area of the face that was damaged, the eye socket the cheekbone, the left-hand side of her nose. This surgery, they will cut across the top of the scalp and the face and that’s how they’ll rebuild.”

Rodder said despite all the recent difficulties his wife was in good spirits and paid tribute to all those involved in the National Jockeys Trust T20 Cricket match played on Tuesday at Caulfield Park.

“The cricket match was amazing, Ben Rohrer (Melbourne Renegades player) was able to hit out for Talia, she’s still not able to do much or go out with all the facial injuries but she was able to watch via social media and it really lifted her spirits,” he said.

In related news, track rider Liz Rice, who suffered severe head injuries following an accident at Caulfield on the 12th of January, remains in an induced coma at the Alfred Hospital.

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