IN THE wake of the embarrassing on-course fluctuation failure on Saturday, bookmakers have also demanded an explanation from Racing Queensland about the official prices being sent off course, reports the Courier-Mail in Brisbane.


Leading fielder Hadyn Flynn said the price sent away for well-backed Caloundra Cup favourite Shenzhou Steeds was simply "wrong".

Flynn questioned whether on-course prices were even used in the assessment of the horse's opening fluctuation.

In recent months, Racing Queensland changed the policy for calculating official prices and in addition to on-course bookmakers, prices from TattsBet and some corporate bookmakers are also added into the mix.

The official fluctuations for Shenzhou Steeds were $3.80 into $3.30, but Flynn said better was freely available.

"I took a bet of $5000 on it from a corporate bookmaker backing it at top fluctuation," Flynn said.

"I then backed it back with three on-course bookmakers at prices ranging from $4.40 to $4.

"Why then was the opening fluc sent away at $3.80 when better was available with all six bookies on course? As well as aiding and abetting the corporates, it's a raw deal for punters."

Prices from Brisbane tracks have been a hot topic and came under the microscope again on Stradbroke Day when internet failure meant on-course bookmakers were the only source to assess prices, resulting in higher percentages (ie shorter prices on fancied runners) being sent away.

Flynn said the new system had "worked in some ways", but questioned how accurate it was to take prices from corporate bookmakers who shy away from taking bets off winning punters.

"If they are only going to bet a bloke to lose $16, it's hardly a real price is it?" he said.