AUSTRALIA’S leading thoroughbred horse trainer Chris Waller is threatening to move his operations to Victoria if the controversial Drayton South mine is approved, ahead of a recommendation expected to be given by the Planning Assessment Commission this week, reports the Daily Telegraph in Sydney.


It says: Mr Waller, who earns $25 million prizemoney a year, has written a submission to the PAC that in the event of a Drayton South approval: “It will be my instruction to my clients and my owners to reconsider their investment in the NSW Thoroughbred racing ­industry given my operation would be severely impacted by purchasing bloodstock raised on what I would consider contaminated properties.

“Given my standing in NSW and, given this recommendation to my owners, it will leave me with little alternative than to move the majority of my business to Victoria, from where I currently operate 25 per cent of my business.

“This letter is issued as no threat, it is simply a case of what will be viable for me and my business and should this mine go ahead I will have no option but to take my business out of this state and into a jurisdiction which is far more supportive of an industry that supports so many people.

“This issue has now gone on far too long and it is time to provide certainty for our industry in NSW and refuse this application once and for all.”

Mr Waller’s call comes with a decision from PAC due as early as today or tomorrow on whether to recommend to the government the mine go ahead.