In the final part of his absorbing series, PPM expert Statsman tells you more about how to be a professional punter, using $5,000 as a bank.

I've talked in my two previous articles about staking plan approaches to professional punting. Now it's time to talk about selection. No staking plan will work if your selections are poor. That's obvious. So you have to work mighty hard at ensuring you are successful when it comes to being your own tipster.

The late Walter Mitchell, a top professional in his day, once said: "Trust your eyes, but not your ears." You should keep that advice in mind. The only time to disregard Mitchell's advice is when you know you are listening to people who really know what they are talking about. Steel yourself to become a punter who doesn't listen to uninformed gossip at the track. Ignore the coat-tugger.

If you are a good judge, and you believe you have seen a horse ridden poorly to defeat, then have faith in your own eyesight. Think back over the years, and ask yourself how many times you missed a winner because of listening to silly information?

On the more basic points, you must be prepared to study your form closely, and use your judgement coolly and bravely. There is no room for a shirker when it comes to punting. You should pay close attention to 'Class' in racing. Horses, other than obvious improvers, rarely win when racing out of their class. Study the past and best form of the contenders in a race in relation to the strength of the other runners. You also have to pick the right races on which to bet. Never bet if you think there are more than four horses with distinct winning prospects.

Have patience and learn when to bet and when to watch. You can beat a race, but you'll find it impossible to beat the program. The following rules will be useful to you-always refer to them when you are tempted to break all the rules you have set for yourself as a professional.

The major psychological aspects of professional punting can be summed up as follows:

  1. A cool, logical mind and a patient approach.
  2. The ability to ignore too much opinion, and have a higher regard for facts.
  3. A complete knowledge of betting figures in relation to a horse's true chance in a race.
  4. The ability to concentrate 100 per cent.
  5. The courage of your convictions. Calculating courage.
  6. The wisdom never to back up all your winnings, and never to lose your head when the inevitable losing run occurs.

In future issues of PPM, our experts are going to bring you The Complete Punter's Survival Kit. This will be a special 'kit' to enable you to win at the races. The 'kit' will contain selection methods, staking plans and rules of survival. There'll be more news on this exciting innovation in the May issue of P.P.M., so don't miss out on your copy.


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By Statsman