There are many punters around who like to stick to a staking plan, but who prefer to fiddle around with their actual bets. In other words, they want the type of bet to be made to be left to their own judgement, as long as they stay within the confines of the staking plan's outlay.

The Backup Fund Plan, first devised in England some years ago, caters for that type of punter. You can bet win, each way or place or even multiple, as long as you do not exceed what the plan calls for on each bet.

Most systems call for one means of staking but this plan allows you to virtually do what you like. I must warn you now that it's a plan for sound selections, and not one I would recommend for race-to-race betting. My own use of the plan is on a once a week basis and I have made regular profits. The secret is simple-solid selections once a week and that means patience. Of course, if you are also operating other staking methods you won't have to worry about this plan being your only form of action.

You can use it as your superbet plan. Every Saturday, there is always one horse that stands out; a horse that cries out to be backed. Some of these good things are at prohibitive odds and I am not suggesting you bother with putting your money on odds-on pops. The horses I prefer are those in the 6-4 to 7-2 range.

When you come to a bettable race, you decide the type of bet likely to produce the safest investment. You are investing, first off, 10 units and this can be staked straightout win, each-way or place-only. If you consider there are only three real chances in a race you may be able to ‘save' on two of them and invest the balance of your 10 units on the other one.

The Backup Fund Plan is a mixture of flat stake betting and slow progression. I know some readers do not like progression betting, but it can be useful if kept under control, as it is in this method.

A high percentage of winners can make your capital grow quickly and with safety the whole thing is based on the premise that when you are making a profit you set aside part of your winnings in a reserve backup fund. This is done for the following reasons:

  1. To give you a fund for use in the event that a losing streak wipes out your original starting bank.
  2. To permit you to increase the size of your wagers from your profits after a series of winning investments.

You begin, I suggest, with a bank of 100 units. This is entered on your betting chart under Capital In Hand. Your first bet is 10 units. If the first bet is a winner, you place 20 per cent of the profit in your Backup Fund. The balance is added to your Capital On Hand.

If your first bet is a loser, then nothing can be added to the Backup Fund or the Capital On Hand, and 10 points is deducted from the capital. You continue betting in 10 units on each selection, adding 20 per cent of any profits to the Backup Fund until this Fund reaches 20 units. At this point, the Backup Fund is added to the Capital On Hand and the amount of each bet rises to 12 units.

Your betting then continues, with the same method being used of 20 per cent of profits going into the Backup Fund. Once it reaches 20 units again, it is put back into Capital On Hand and your bet rises to 14 units. You go on as before, with each 20 units of Backup Fund going into Capital On Hand, and the bet rising a further two units.

Now this is a sound basis of flat stake growth, with your bets only increasing according to capital growth. It's definitely a superb plan for the smart punter who likes to punt as a businessman and not a mug.

As I have stated, I have used the plan for a long, long time and never in any season have I failed to make a substantial profit. In my case, a unit is $10 so I am betting in $100 slabs (10 units at $10 each).

The following were my bets in a recent period:
(New series of bets)

JUNE 3, Rosehill
    Jennelli-10 units win-PLUS 30 units
    Six units into Backup Fund (6)
    Bank now 124 units.

JUNE 10, Ballarat
    Sir Trent-10 units win-PLUS 35 units
    Seven units into Backup Fund (13)
    Bank now 152 units.

JUNE 13, Sandown
    Flash Habit-10 units win-LOSS 10 units
    Bank now 142 units.

JUNE 17, Moonee Valley
    Dame Vengeance-10 units win-LOSS 10 units
    Bank now 132 units.

JUNE 27, Rosehill
    Bay of Plenty-1 0 units win-PLUS 25 units
    Five units into Backup Fund (18)
    Bank now 152 units.

JUNE 27, Rosehill
    You're The Reason-10 units place PLUS 12 units
    Three units into Backup Fund (21)
    Bank Now 161 units.

*At this point, 20 units from Reserve Fund is added to Capital On Hand, making a total of 181 units, with bets now rising to 12 units each.

By Statsman