Did you know there's a GREAT WAY to attack the trifecta using the PPD Club's ImpactPro ratings? You can make big money!

For many years now, the Club has recommended a simple approach of linking the top 2 ImpactPro raters with the rest of the Field in trifectas. The approach has paid off handsomely, year after year, landing some huge wins for very small outlay.

Take Wednesday's results. Only 6 races were assessed at Mornington and Randwick. Two Field trifectas were landed. For a $14 bet, the return in race 6 at Mornington was $524 (Our Harmony 1st $10.00, Rough Justice 2nd were the top-rated pair), while at Randwick the return on another $14 linkup was $1991 (Hollywood Bound 1st $4.20, Let Me Handle It 2nd).

Of course, the quinellas and exactas were also struck in both these races at $26.90 and $50.60 and $61.00 and $81.30!

This is a superb way to shoot for big returns on small outlays. The PPD Club's ImpactPro ratings operate on selected races each day. We choose those races where we think the ratings can provide some knockout results.

You can access ImpactPro ratings when you join the PPD Club - and you get Brian Blackwell's daily best bets each day of the week.