IT didn’t reach the international incident stage, but the Red Cadeaux camp let the Admire Rakti camp know in no uncertain terms they were not happy with galloping arrangements today at Werribee, reports Racing Network.

Track jockey Stephen Nicholson had to swing wide in the home straight in the concluding stages of Red Cadeaux’s fast work to avoid the idling Japanese pair Admire Rakti and Admire Inazuma.

Robin Trevor-Jones, travelling foreman for Ed Dunlop, could be heard hundreds of metres away screaming at the Japanese track riders, who seemed oblivious to the hurtling Red Cadeaux.

Not even the wake-up call from Trevor-Jones hit the mark as the Japanese continued on their hack canter before their own fast piece of work while Red Cadeaux thundered past.

“Everyone knows wherever you are in the world the slower you go the further out you go,” Trevor-Jones said. “They (the Japanese) were doing a hack canter where we were meant to be - on the rail doing our gallop.

“I wanted to watch him properly, I didn’t want them (the Japanese) in the way. Thank goodness they stayed on the rail rather than move off it when they were doing their hack canters.

“Steve said he (Red Cadeaux) pricked his ears when he saw them and he was on and going after them.

“I didn’t see the last furlong and a half of the gallop, I was looking at other things, but the track rider Steve was very happy with him and the bit I saw he looked pretty good.”

Asked if the dialogue continued later, Trevor-Jones replied: “I think they heard enough when they were going by me.”

Trevor-Jones said the nine-year-old’s weight is telling him that Red Cadeaux is tracking comparably to the same stage as last year.

“We’ve got to hold this now,” Trevor-Jones said.