Corporate bookmakers will be forced to bet punters minimum win amounts on races in New South Wales under new conditions announced by Racing NSW, reports Racing Network.

The move by Racing NSW comes as a result of complaints from punters who are 'barred' by bookmakers due to being successful.

From September 1, punters betting on a metropolitan race in Sydney, with a bookie who turns over more than $5 million a year, will be able to get on for a minimum $2,000 win result and $800 the place.

The minimum is set at $1,000 for the win and $400 the place at provincial and country meetings.

“The consultation process with wagering operators and punters was very constructive and informative. Racing NSW carefully assessed the submissions from all parties and has amended its previous proposal in light of those submissions," said Racing NSW boss Peter V'Landys.

“Racing NSW is confident that the conditions announced today are fair and practical for all parties, whether they are wagering operators, professional punters or recreational punters. All punters should be able to place a legitimate bet on NSW Thoroughbred races and should not be discriminated against by having their accounts closed or bets refused simply because they are successful.

“Racing NSW will monitor the conditions to ensure that they are fair and practical for all parties. If warranted, changes may be made periodically to achieve the right balance.”

Bookmakers will also be unable to close a punter's account or place restrictions unless they are deemed to be a bowler (person betting on behalf of someone else) or conducting fraudulent activity.

Corporate bookmakers are only required to bet to the limit once per horse for each punter.

The limits are placed on bets placed after 9am on the day of the race and 2pm for night meetings.

Racing NSW have indicated that minimum bet limits will not apply to cash bets placed in retail outlets.

"It is important to note that retail wagering operators will still be required to comply with the minimum bet limits for bets placed by account holders, whether by internet, phone or in the retail outlets," Racing NSW said.

Racing NSW have said that punters who believe they have been refused or excluded by a corportate bookmaker should raise the matter with that bookmaker first before lodging a complaint at Racing NSW, via