A proposal to limit protest hearings solely to jockeys gained no support at the national steward’s conference, reports Racing Network. Racing Victoria chairman of stewards Terry Bailey, who ran the two-day meeting in Melbourne, said it was felt that trainers as well as owners were entitled to not only attend, but also make comment.

Bailey said there was “no real support” for any change to the conduct of protest hearings.

He said stewards would be doing everything possible to shorten the duration of protest hearing, but views of jockeys, trainers and owners would still be canvassed.

“At the end of the day the owners are paying the bills and I think they are entitled to be privy to what’s happening and voice their view if they want,” Bailey said.

Stewards decided they would not implement any rules to prohibit apprentices riding with their toe in the irons

Bailey said it was decided that such a style of riding is “here to stay” and is a matter for masters of the apprentices to manage.

Stewards will again ask the ARB to consider implementing the weight allowance for a jockey’s safety vest to be advertised in the weight that a horse carries.

Currently, the weight of the vest is not included in publication of what the horse actually carries