This analysis is for favourite backers, For each of the tracks mentioned below, the favourites have been analysed over the past five years, This month these pages compare the favourite results for the month of December from 1990-95 with the rest of the year, for conditions, distances, and odds, Figures courtesy of the Rating Bureau.

KEY: For each tack you'll see the percentage of favourites who have won in December over the last five years, This is followed by the average SP dividend for a $100 Win bet, and the return for each $1.00 win bet placed on every favourite. If, for example, the chart show a return of 92 cents, it means that you would have made a loss of 8c for every dollar invested (at starting prices), This analysis is then broken down further into favourite statistics for various track conditions, distance ranges and odds for the month of December from 1990-95 and for the rest of the year during that period.


by Dennis Walker