Firstly, I want to thank those many readers who have contacted me following my Rapide Ratings article in the November 2004 PPM.

It’s pleasing to know that greyhound fans among us were quick to put the Rapide into operation at various tracks around the nation.

John Fredericks, from Minto NSW, said he had already had success with the Rapide, operating at Wentworth Park.
He told me that when a top selection of the approach was a favourite it was virtually an unbeatable bet.  This ties in exactly with my own testing of the Rapide. And it’s why I believe the introduction of a “final element” rule will boost long-term profits.

This final rule is as straightforward as you can get:


The strike rate is high, and certainly high enough to justify such a rule. The other night, at the Albion Park dogs, there were four such bets and all of them won. Another reader pleased with the early results from his use of the Rapide is Peter from Noble Park in Melbourne. He lives close to the Sandown track and says the Rapide has proven itself over and over.

“The first time I used it I only did five races and I got two winners as top selections, and another three winners from the second picks,” he wrote. “This was enough for me to start using it on all the races and I am glad to say the results have kept on proving well worthwhile.”

As I explained in last month’s PPM, the Rapide allows dog punters the fullest scope to operate on all races, and the aim is to secure at least a winning strike rate with the top selection of 40 per cent. This can easily be achieved using the final rule of doubling up on the top selection favourite.

Believe me, the Rapide is one of the best, if not the best, approach to greyhound selection that I have devised in the last 25 years. All you need is a reliable formguide and you can go through a race in a few minutes.

It’s ideal, too, for working out your trifectas. I think the old AB-BA Field bet is perfect. Use the top two selections and take the other six runners for third. This is a bet of only $12, and you can land some hefty trifectas.

I have included the Rapide Form Analysis Chart from last month’s PPM.

Just make copies of it when you work out the selections.

The Rapide Form Analysis Chart

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By George “Barker” Bellfield