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  • Latest Article: Winning Without Thinking

     Racing books have been a pretty scarce commodity over recent years, and good racing books have been even scarcer, with some as hard to find as hen's teeth.

    So, it was with some ...

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  • Basic Mistakes (Part 5)

    In all the years I have been checking out racing writers around the world the one name that invariably crops up is that of James Quinn. I have enormous respect for him.

    Quinn has been ...

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  • Profit From Good Research (Part 4)

    In last month’s article in this series on international professionals, we introduced Steve Zacks from the Handicapper’s Edge at

    In discussing betting, Zacks points ...

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  • Risk - Or Safety? (Part 5)

    Martin Dowling concludes his great series.So far in this series we have listed 71 betting ideas. To complete the series, we will now take a look at the remaining 29 of the '100 Great Betting Ideas' a ...

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  • Play it Safe or Go for the Risk (Part 4)

    • The Safe Plan • The Market Movers • The Easy PlanBecause you are reading this magazine, I assume that betting on the races is one of your considerations for using your leisure time. You want to have ...

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  • Cast a Spell (Part 4)

    100 Great Betting IdeasIn this series so far, we have looked at 52 of our Great Betting Ideas. Now we go from number 53 and this is to do with horses resuming from a spell, one of the most tricky ...

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  • Strike Rate Power! (Part 3)

    Win-strike rates are fun, believe it or not. How many times have you seen a statement something like this one?"The horse must have a winstrike rate of 25 per cent, a minimum of five starts and must ...

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  • Follow the Best (Part 3)

    This is the third article in Martin Dowling's popular series, 100 Great Betting Ideas. The series, which will continue into the April, May and June issues of P.P.M., carries on in this issue from Idea ...

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  • When Do You Bet Each-Way? (Part 3)

    Each to his own. Know the old saying? In a way, it sums up betting. Some punters like to bet for a win, others for a place, still others love the quinellas or trifectas, or doubles. It's all a matter ...

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  • Compile the Odds (Part 2)

    I there's one thing that just about all professionals agree on it's this: Compile your own set of odds on each race you plan to bet.It's simple advice, but vital. To succeed in your betting (at least ...

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  • Delving into Systems (Part 2)

    The first system I ever developed was for the trots (35 years ago) and I suspect it was suited to that code due to the smaller fields and because it relied on current information as its main force. I ...

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