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  • The Punt Master

    The Fair and Value Price Place Betting Chart below has as its basis the theory written about by Roger Dedman in his book Commonsense Punting.Taking Dedman's theory and adjusting it using my own ...

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  • Where is Your Edge?

    After nobody hit the Pick 6 on a day when $1 million was guaranteed, Hollywood Park offered a carryover of a hefty $683,636. My ticket? Zero.Oh, I worked on the ticket all right, as I do whenever ...

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  • Calculate the Return

    One of the most important things we as horseplayers have to do is calculate the likelihood that a particular event will take place.On the simplest level, we need to make an odds line to predict how ...

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  • Simplicity Snags the Big Profits

    How can we define what is "simple" and what isn't when it comes to betting strategies?To begin with, I would say that most of us would have some features of our betting that could do with an oil ...

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  • Value Added Treats

    There's an old saying that you should always remember when you are punting: When in doubt, stay out. There are many punters who would have been wealthy people today if they had followed that advice. ...

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