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  • Value...and Backing 2 in a Race

    I was having a few beers recently with a keen punting friend of mine and during the inevitable racing discussions he emphatically stated he would not back any horse under $3.00 (2/1) though he did ...

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  • 10 Tips for Internet Betting

    Over three years ago, John May, a man described as one of the most fearless gamblers in the world, and an author of books on gambling, made the bold prediction that “Within five years the sports ...

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  • The Truth about Prices

    If wagering markets were efficient then it would be equally profitable to bet on any racing horse whether it is the favourite or a longshot.However, the “longshot” bias in wagering has been around ...

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  • Tote 'n' Bookie Hysteria

    Is there an element of hysteria about the opposition to the establishment of betting exchanges for Aussie punters? I think there is. For starters, I believe the importance of exchange betting is being ...

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  • Future Shock Hits Home

    Things are changing so rapidly in the world of gambling, thanks to the boom in the Internet, that all the "old ways" of doing things need to be thrown out the window.Though whether the people who run ...

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  • The Betfair Revolution

    In this article our contributors E.J. Minnis and Roman Koz discuss the ins and outs of Betfair, the UK betting exchange with plans to operate in Australia and, naturally, creating concern among racing ...

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  • Favourite Hunches

    Do race favourites and place betting go together? The answer is YES and NO and MAYBE.On the “yes” side there’s the prospect of a 60 to 70 per cent strike rate, on the “no” side there’s the prospect of ...

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  • The Tricks of Multiple Place Bets

    Everyone is familiar with the old cliché that goes: “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”. For the punter, there can be few more important sentences than this one.Every article that you’ll ever ...

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  • A Place Betting Heaven

    Ask any serious punter about the virtues of place betting and you will realise it would have been a good idea to bring a chair with you. And a packed lunch as well, with a thermos of coffee.This is ...

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  • O'Lucky O'Brien

    Many readers ask if there is such a thing as a sound staking system for place betting. I usually refrain from trying to answer the question.This is because the readers fail to provide me with the ...

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