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  • The Reality of Pricing a Field (Part 2)

    In previous articles I mentioned that we would later concentrate on refinements and pricing.

    However, in doing so I'm conscious of not making the task too difficult for users of the ...

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  • Those Killer Factors

    Many punters believe that it is possible to play the “races” without any special effort on their behalf: on race morning or while in their local TAB agency they can pluck a few ...

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  • Those Shonky Hotpots

    I often get asked questions about racing, not only on the punting side of the sport but also in a broader sense as well. Here is a selection of recent questions and answers.

    Wayne Barker ...

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  • Zero in on Pace and Position

    In an earlier article I posed the question, "How many times have you blown your money in the first few seconds of a race?" The reality is today, more than ever before, horse-racing is about the three ...

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  • The Lure of the Top Four

    In the latest part of our Form Forum series, Mike Jenkins and Jon Hudson discuss the merits, or otherwise, of the top four horses in the field and the betting market.JON HUDSON (JH): Mike, you're a ...

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  • Test Out the Favs

    Our “form chart” series has proved to be a popular one. So far we’ve covered all three racing codes, and in this article we are switching back to the gallops.What we’re after is a simple method of ...

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  • Last Laugh on the Hotpots

    We have been involved in an enormous study of favourites, preparing for a rather large and important article in the 2000 PPM Annual.We, being Steve and Scan McAllister and Yours Truly, took all those ...

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  • Back up on the Favs

    Backing favourites is something we all do- but how many of us actually make any money? In this special feature, PPM's David Whitney unveils details of how you can have fun, and make some money, ...

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  • The Startling Truth

    There are two groups of punters who invariably go to the races, or their TAB agencies, with the percentages piled high against them. They are the backers of favourites and longshots.No matter what you ...

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  • Why I hate favourites

    Favourites are so unreliable - that's why I hate 'em! Any bet that fails twice out of three is no good to me, unless the odds are super-high, which they aren't when your favourites fail.

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