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  • The 3 Vital Factors for a Winning Season

    How time flies. Remember this time last year we were debating the staying chances of Weekend Hussler? There were no chances, as we now know: he didn’t stay. I understand that he’s gearing up for a ...

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  • Ken Fires a Rocket at Roman Kozlovski

    In the last two issues of PPM, my old schoolmate and colleague Roman Kozlovski has drawn from his personal experiences of more than 40 years on the punt, forwarding to readers his five most valuable ...

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  • Cracking those Pre-Post Doubles

    As usual with most questions in racing, there are two sides to this argument and therefore hundreds of different answers, according to how you view each individual situation. For example, pre-post ...

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  • My Bank Goes Boom!

    When did you last have an attack of the “what ifs”? I feel that they fall into three categories – the impossible, the improbable and the feasible. “What if I had been born rich” or “what if I had ...

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  • Basic Sums for Place Profits

    If you’re a place bettor, and yes, there are still armies of you around, then you must be the sort who likes lots of returns even if the profits are niggardly (or the losses smallish).The question I ...

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  • Go for the 80% Betting Market (Part 2)

    Last month I left you with the promise of detailing what would happen if I changed the percentage figures when pricing a field.In order to provide this information and have you understand how the ...

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  • What can the Big Boys Offer You? (Part 2)

    Last month we had quite an extensive look at some of the online deals available to punters. It was on pages 18/19 and 20 of the August issue. One that I didn’t look at in any detail was Michael and ...

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  • How to Nab the Best Online Deals (Part 1)

    I’m going to write this as though you know nothing whatsoever about betting on line. Of course, that may well be the truth, and equally so, you may know as much if not a lot more than I do about the ...

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  • Plunder the Percentages (Part 1)

    Most serious punters who are totally committed to winning have at some stage of their betting lives made a price line where each horse has been allotted a price commensurate to its chance of winning ...

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  • The Tricks of Multiple Place Bets

    Everyone is familiar with the old cliché that goes: “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”. For the punter, there can be few more important sentences than this one.Every article that you’ll ever ...

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