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  • Latest Article: The Kilos Killer (Part 2)

    In last month's issue my colleague Ted Davies talked about the battle between speed ratings and weight ratings, and quoted the Melbourne expert Paul Segar's interesting views on the merits of Speed ...

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  • Measure those Weight Factors

    In this article, provided by the respected UK website Flatstats (, some pertinent points are made about the effects of weight on racehorses. The article refers to British racing ...

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  • Weight - will it stop a train?

    One of the great ongoing debates in the racing world is the question of weight and the effect that it has on horses in a race. I’d like to put a couple of thoughts in your head about this issue, so ...

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  • Weighing the Form

    Weight is the most important single factor when any punter comes to analyse race form. It doesn't matter if a race is a handicap or a Set Weights or Weight For Age event-weight counts!There is a rigid ...

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  • Can weight stop a good thing?

    They say “weight will stop a train” and it is fair to say that at some point it will. However, the most over-rated variable in thoroughbred racing simply has to be weights. From trainers to owners, to ...

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  • Torquing Speed

    Speed Ratings are still a relatively new science in Australian racing and I want to briefly touch on some recent findings with regard to the effect of weight on a horse’s Speed Ratings.Racing ...

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  • Weight Impact - Is it all a Myth?

    The importance of weights as a major form instrument. for the greater part of racing's history, has never been a contentious issue. Weights have long been regarded as the cornerstone of successful ...

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  • Weight Truth and Weight Heresy

    Ever since Andy Beyer and Howard Sartin’s speed theories were imported from the USA into Australian racing, a doting band of time and speed aficionados have chipped away at weight-based principles, ...

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  • Up in Weight - Better Chance

    In this article, our senior contributor E.J. Minnis continues his series of "questions and answers" in which he replies to queries sent in by PPM readers. We intend making this series a regular ...

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  • When weight counts

    As the results of handicap races invariably prove, large-weight concessions rarely make winners of outclassed or unfit horses. The principle stands up in all kinds of races, from the lower class ...

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  • Kilos Clout

    In terms of weight, what is the value of a length? The question is often raised, and there are differing answers.I recently received a letter from a PPM reader who asked: "I note that in PPM, the ...

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